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My first night in Toronto at the Miss World Canada pageant was a night to remember and I am so excited to share the experience and all the incredible sponsors with all of you! The night started off with a cocktail dress and a crown.

I went downstairs excited to meet my new pageant sisters and our generous sponsors! I was greeted with a new sash and 56 smiling and welcoming sisters. I was ecstatic to say the least.  Here is me and my new Alberta sash!!

Next I was on my way to our sponsor tables! My first stop was our footwear sponsor. Nine West has an incredible shoe collection and has sponsored us with pageant perfect nude heels. I am so looking forward to rocking these on stage! Check out their website below!

Nine West

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world .”

Staying with our shoe sponsors I got to model a pair of starry Skechers thanks to Skechers Canada! They have memory foam shoes for ultimate comfort and style! I fell in love with these white sparkly sneakers. 

Here’s the link to see more of their kicks! Skechers

Next I got to meet the beautiful ladies of the Kra Co. Using 100% natural shea butter for their products my lips have never felt more smooth! I was given a lip balm and tint and immediately fell in love.  Seriously check out their stuff it’s worth it 

The Kra Co

Luckily my next stop was Maxine Warch facial rejuvenation, she has these amazing clothes called the warsh cloth. These cloths are miraculous just add water and all your make up wipes away. No chemicals no anything!!! Just water. This is an essential for every girl.  

Warsh Cloth

Speaking of essentials here’s a travel tip: always pack  essentials in your carry on, if your suitcase is ever lost you won’t be. I’d make sure to include some Nine West heels to be ready for anything, some Skechers for comfort, The Kra Co lip tints (serious must haves), a warsh cloth to keep your face fresh and last but definitely not least anything from Helene Clarkson designer. Her clothes are so soft, comfy and fashionable you’ll be ready to take on anything! 

Helene Clarkson Designer

The rest of the night was filled fun and laughter as I chatted with the sponsors and other delegates! Thank you to all of our sponsors I am so grateful to you all and lucky to be apart of this and have you on my journey!! 

Written by: Nicole

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