Wow!!  I was given the opportunity to write a piece of fashion for Street Chic and am so excited about it! Small towns aren’t usually known for fashion, it tends to be linked to the bright lights of the cities. If your lucky enough to visit or live in a small town you’ll see that fashion thrives here. When I learned about this opportunity I knew who I wanted to help showcase.
Someone who can own their own style and help inspire others to do the same. Meet Shanelle, a beauty aesthetician who has always been inspired by the fashion industry. She takes great pride in letting her individuality shine through her fashion choices. Whether she’s working her magic on clients or strolling through our small town streets Shanelle always likes to look her best and showcase her unique fashion. Being in the beauty industry she likes to change up her fashion choices consistently.

Fashion is everywhere you look as well as inspiration, and while big cities hold the claim to fame for fashion it really is inside each individual. Rocking your own unique style will always be in so don’t be afraid to be yourself. Shanelle showcased a spectrum of fashion and shined in every piece she wore from head to toe. This is a girl who knows how to shop on a budget and still look great.

I am so excited for you all to read my article! What a great way to showcase Canadian fashion. Thank you Street Chic for this incredible opportunity. 


Miss Woodlands County

Small Town Fashion in Alberta

Written by: Nicole

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