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Yesterday I had the privilege of getting a meet and greet with my local firefighters, this included an incredible tour of our firehall, equipment and an intensely educational one on one with its members most who are volunteer. Our firefighters are so much more then the name entails not only do they battle house and wild fires, but also do water rescue, respond to motor vehicle collisions, clean up chemical hazmat spills, and are trained in terrorism! Our county department consists of 43 member broken down into 4 crews which on top of their general training each crew is trained in specialized training as well. Last year these members had 346 calls, thats 3746 hours of incidents including fires, hazmat spills, motor vehicle collisions and rescues. On top of that they went through 7256 hours of  in house training to constantly stay ahead of the curve both mentally and physically, and they put in 835 hours of public education going to places like schools to educate children and families on fire safety.

I got to talk to them about my Beauty with a Purpose project which is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in first responders,and asked where they would like to see my efforts directed and their response was “We would like to be able to sponsor one or two of our members for training in peer support counselling”. This is an amazing idea and exactly what I want to help with. It can be a huge help first responders suffering from P.T.S.D by having someone available and trained in house for them. Our firefighters already also do some of their own in house programs such as “Evenings with Spouses” which teaches families of first responders what to look for in P.T.S.D and how to help. I had such an amazing time and learning experience and cannot wait to continue working along side these every day heroes to give a little something back for all they do.


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Nicole Miss Woodlands County

Written by: Nicole

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