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Michelle, 20 years old, born and raised in Drumheller, Alberta, “Dinosaur Capital of the World”.

As a toddler, Michelle loved to perform, she began dancing at the age of 4 and continued for several years, until her interest shifted towards equestrian horseback riding. Michelle was always passionate about animals, as a child she would bring home strays, as a teenager would spend her free time helping at the humane society and today she has 3 rescued pets.

In Michelle’s youth, she struggled with self-harm and depression but after months of treatment and a diagnosis of clinical depression, she is a confident young woman who feels cable of accomplishing anything. She speaks to teens at schools in Drumheller and surrounding areas on depression and how to cope with these emotions. Her focus on community collaboration has led her to volunteering for early childhood development, volleyball coach and is a suicide awareness advocate.

Upon graduating from St. Anthony’s Catholic School in 2015, she obtained employment in tourism related jobs, hotel receptionist and the Royal Tyrrell Museum Gift shop. Currently, Michelle is an administrative assistant at Hope College, her duties include public speaking, event organization & staff scheduling. She plans to get a “Business” diploma and is enrolled in fall 2017. Michelle understands the importance of preparation, hard work & respect, applying these values to all her endeavors.

Hobbies include hiking, baking, sewing, working out, traveling and spending time with her beloved critters!

Written by: Michelle
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