Finally after arriving in Toronto today, all the Miss World Canada contestants were invited to the official Sponsor party where we were able to meet many of our amazing sponsors and also get hands on their hottest products. I was very impressed with the KRA Shea Butter products. If it’s something that will be going on my face, I prefer it to be made of natural ingredients and that exactly what they have. I’m looking forward to use my Lip tint and hydrating Shea lip balm throughout the pageant week. Make sure to check out their website for more products

Next, I got my hands on my very own Warsh Cloth! Throughout the pageant week I’ll be wearing a lot of makeup and I want to make sure I am cleaning skin exceptionally well and preventing breakouts and theres nothing better than using this magic cloth. I tried it out tonight and I am in love with it, and what makes it even better is that its reusable. Get your very own here

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have an obsession with shoes. I love to have every unique pair of shoes that I can find, and I definitely saw one today these were by Skechers Canada, and just as the lights on these shoes were bright, it also brightened up my day. These kicks could add the the extra touch of style to any simple outfit and are a must have! Check out more styles at

I loved meeting Helene Clarkson she was ever so warm and welcoming, and each and every one of her pieces stood out, and are perfect for every occasion that you can possibly think of. You can see more of her designs at

Make sure to keep up with my blog this week as it’s going to be fun-filled with all the Miss World Canada activities, also make sure to keep supporting me throughout and wish me luck for finals as I represent Alberta!


With love,


Maneet Miss Southern Alberta World 2017

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