“To Live Well, Is to Eat Well”

The Coup has to be one my go to places to eat whether is be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is an ethical vegetarian restaurant located in the heart of downtown Calgary. Now, I’m not a vegetarian however, I do like to experiment with different types of foods, and definitely don’t mind vegetarian and vegan food while getting my body prepped for events like the Miss World Canada pageant.

It all started one…


I never really knew about this place until last year when one of my friends wanted to go out for wings and said she was going to surprise me with a new restaurant she had discovered.She went on to tell me these were the best ‘guilt free’ wings she had ever had, and they were healthy! How could that be? Wings? Healthy? I couldn’t put the pieces together. Finally when we drove up to The Coup, I read the sign that had “ethical vegetarian written on it”. At this point I was confused, vegetarian wings? This had to be a disaster. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous at this point, but my friend managed to take me inside. Once I entered the place I was impressed with the elegant layout, it was nothing too expensive however it had quite a cozy feel to it. Meanwhile, my friend wanted to keep the wings a surprise to me, so she wouldn’t let me take a look at the menu, and simply told the waitress that we wanted to order the ‘wings’. After 5-10 minutes of anxiously waiting the wings were finally here. They looked delicious and the aroma had my mouth watering. As soon as I went in to take a bite I finally realized that it was actually made of cauliflower! But the taste was too good to be true, and I remember finishing up that plate within 2 minutes. Since then I have managed to try almost everything on the menu and I can say without a doubt that each and every one of the menu items are a must try. Another one of my favourites that I always have to get is the “the roots ” dessert. This is a cocoa swirled vanilla orange ice cream sandwich which satisfies my sweet tooth every single time, but is also a much healthier alternative to a regular ice cream sandwich as well.

There’s more to The Coup than being just vegetarian, and that is being ecologically aware of their actions. Each and every one of the ingredients used in the food is local and GMO free, which means it supports our local farmers. They also try to recycle all that is possible, even including the menu. In order to off-set their waste they plant 36 trees a month and also run off of 100% wind power! Not only that, they also give back to the community through meal share, so each time you order one of the meal share foods off of the menu someone in need is also provided with a meal. Eating at The Coup, I know that I am having a positive impact on the environment and also helping our local farmers and those in the need all at the same time. I want to support such local restaurants who have more than just business and money in mind, but rather a genuine interest for those around them. 

Currently, The Coup is one of the hottest places to head to for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Calgary! So make sure to check out their website to take a look at their menu and find additional information about the things they are doing to give back to our community.  http://www.thecoup.ca



With love,

Maneet Miss Southern Alberta World 2017

Written by: Maneet

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  1. Rob says:

    beautiful travel blog post Maneet. great work, Let this content celebrate their excellence in the summer of 2017 , forevermore

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