“True Independence & Freedom Can Only Exist In Doing What’s Right.”

I’m hoping that everyone reading this had a very enjoyable Canada day, as it was a very special one. It marked 150 years since the birth of this beautiful nation Canada. I saw people full with joy on this day, families getting together, fireworks and many many places with fun filled events. However, I just wanted to take out a moment to one of my realizations, and a heart full of gratitude for this nation.

I know when we get busy with our day to day lives we begin to focus on problems that may seem big to us in that time and place, however in reality is nothing compared to what is happening in the world around us everyday. I truly feel blessed to have been born in Canada, a country of equality and freedom. A place where the path was carved in for me so that I could follow it and have the capabilities of following my own dreams and aspirations. A place where I could become educated, and have a voice. A place where many cultures unite. Every night, where I am able to sleep peacefully knowing that I am safe. Knowing every single day that I have all my basic needs met and can enjoy life to its fullest. And the credit for all of this goes to nobody else, but YOU. Yes, you, each and every one of you who have done your part in being welcoming to those around you, for bringing positive changes, whether it be through the selection of our parliament members or personal actions. A nation doesn’t become one on its own, its made and maintained by the people who live in it; and I am forever grateful of Canada.

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my thoughts just as much as I did while thinking them.

With love,


Maneet Miss Southern Alberta World 2017

Written by: Maneet

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