“When we are young we learn to read, as we get older we read to learn.”

Recently I got to be part of the reading rally here in Calgary. It was a fun filled day while I read books to young children in grade 1. All of the children were very excited to have me at the event! They were continuously asking me if I was a real princess and if I lived in a castle. Before reading the books to them, I told them why I enjoyed reading and how powerful reading can be. Reading is one of the most powerful tools that we have, it allows us to educate ourselves and gain unlimited knowledge. With the ability to read we can also write, everything from instructions, assignments to our deepest feelings and emotions.

I believe it is essential to empower our youth to read, books can give you the key to discovering yourself, but also help you learn the perspective and stories of others. Importantly, I also believe that young girls should be empowered to keep up with their education. We are lucky to be in a time where men and women are treated much more in par than they used to be, however it still isn’t as perfect as we hope it should be. I feel humbled to know that these young girls I read to told me that they wanted to be just like me when they grew up; it reaffirmed to me that my slightest gesture had an overwhelming impact on not only them, but all those young girls and boys who look up to me.

I hope to continuously work with young children like these throughout my life even far after my reign, because I truly believe the youth should be guided onto the path that will help them grow to their full potential. These little seeds should be taken care of as they begin to grow so they may become healthy and colourful flowers.

With love, Maneet Miss Southern Alberta World 2017

Written by: Maneet

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