For those of you who know me, you know that my favourite hobby is volunteering, especially with children. Today I will share with you my volunteering experiences in Mexico and India.

I had gone to Mexico to volunteer in an orphanage for one week and it was one of the best experiences of my life so far. Buenos dias. Good morning is how you say it in english. Language had been a huge barrier in Mexico, but what was fascinating was that all the people were very patient and supportive about this. I thought about this today that anyone i tell to “no hablo espanol”, they just smile and nod and try to speak in english with me. I remember though back home whenever someone has trouble speaking english, most of us get frustrated very easily. I know that despite having all the luxuries at home, we are still never taught to be so kind to strangers. But what I realized was that the less these people had, the more they had to give. And the more we had, the less we had to give. So sad and ironic.

All of these photos tell a story. The best part of the trips was definitely seeing the children. On day 1, when I hadn’t even introduced myself, a few of them just came to me at the door and hugged me like I was some sort of a saviour they were expecting. They are so welcoming and nice that you can’t help but love them. Interacting with the children was not so easy as they did not speak any english and I didn’t speak any spanish. I was lucky that I had some spanish friends with me. The children are very appreciative of any kind of attention or love they get. After hearing some of their stories, it broke my heart how such little children can go through so much and still be laughing. I know most of them were sad inside and it made me happy that I was able to make them smile, even if temporary. Overall this experience was amazing. I realized how resilient these children can be. They have all been through so much but they still have smiles on their faces. They are still content and happy with where they are now, or at least they are trying to be.

I also went to India to volunteer in the slums of Faridabad. I spent 2 weeks with children in a small school. It was amazing to see once again, their energy and appreciation for everything around them. One day, one of the children invited me to his home to introduce me to his mom and show me his house. It was so sweet, yet heartbreaking to see how little it was. The size of the house was the size of my room, and they had 5 people living there. His mom still offered me tea and biscuits. She was a very sweet lady and said to me, “I really appreciate that you come to spend time with these children here and help them discover new ways of learning. He is a very keen learner and is always very excited about knowledge.” I asked her If I could sponsor her child’s education. She was hesitant at first but she said “please do what you feel is right”. I told the child that once he finishes with his semester this year, I would like to put him into a better school and help him financially. He was so grateful.

While I was there, I also donated towards their school which helped them build benches for these children. They no longer have to sit on the floor and study.

Overall, both of these experiences were even more fun because I got to travel alone and explore all on my own.

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Written by: Garima

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