While doing a radio show for the past two years, I am so used to interviewing other people on my show and getting to know them. A few days ago, I gave another interview of myself to the radio program, Salam Namaste Canada. It was lovely to be in a different studio as a guest this time, and talk about myself.  Salam Namaste is an online radio program that is broadcasted globally. They talk about various issues on the show and often invite guests to promote them and speak to them about the current affairs.


We talked about my purpose of participating in Miss World Canada and what I plan to make out from it. I stated exactly what I believe. I am not going in with the expectation that I am the best and I will win for sure, rather, I am going in to experience this beautiful journey and to have fun. I am going to learn something and to use what I have learned to my knowledge and make the best of that.

Although, on my drive back home I realized something. I realized that there are a lot of things I have done for this pageant that have put me out of my comfort zone and forced me to do something I was not completely content with. I realized that this is something not everyone does and while it gives you appreciation, it also brings a lot of negativity and criticism with it. But it made me happy that I am able to overcome all of that and still continue on the path that I have chosen for myself.

We all have been taught to behave in a particular manner, according to our family and society’s principles and values, which sometimes force us to act a certain way when we really don’t want to. We are all a part of a race regardless of knowing where we want to end up. We are simply running.

During one of my work session’s training, we were told to do an activity where we were asked to visualize our goal/dream and write it down. The people on my table shared wonderful dreams of what they wanted to accomplish, i.e. buy a boat, win as an athlete, retire wealthy etc.

As I had never thought about my long term dream or what I wanted to accomplish. I usually just thought about what I want to do next in life. That got me thinking that a big house or a fancy car doesn’t give me satisfaction. My goal is not to exceed the society’s expectations and become wealthy. It is to exceed my own expectations and do what makes me happy. I realized that I wanted the inner happiness when you feel your soul is pleased with you and what you have become.

We have been taught that Life is a race and we must keep going to get where we want to be. But is there ever an end to this race? Do we ever for a moment, stop and think where we are even heading to? Do we really want to keep running in that race?



Written by: Garima

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