July 16th 2017, the beautiful city of Toronto welcomed me with bright skies and warm weather.  Today is also the first day I ever set foot in one of the greatest metropolitan city of Canada. It is also the first day of my long week of activities and adventures that will lead to the Miss World Canada pageant night.

After a long exhausting flight, I got into the cab with my new girl friend Maneet, Miss Souther Alberta, and made our way to the hotel. The day was off to a great start as I met many young women who are not just beautiful externally but also have a heart of gold. The Miss World Canada pageant officially started with a Sponsor Party, which is an orientation exercise where delegates from all provinces meet and become friends one week before the Grand Finale.

The event began with some introductory speeches. Michelle Weswaldi, the pageant director, welcomed the delegates and introduced the individuals who have poured their heart & souls to organize the pageant.

Rob Campbell, our first speaker, spoke about the duties of the titleholder and the opportunity the title affords a proficient spokesperson. He also discussed good blog form and how to start and end blog posts, how to use categories and tags, apply ALT text to photos and promote content in social media channels. The information he provided was truly invaluable !

Valerie Stachurski from Charming PR in Toronto concluded the speeches of the night.

After the speeches, the sponsors who have funded the pageant have presented their products & services. Words cannot describe how truly grateful I am to all the companies who have provided financial assistance to the Miss World Canada pageant. I would have not had the opportunity to share the stage with so many outstanding women if it is not for their generosity.

So let me tell you a little bit more about these kind individuals and their companies.

Ladies can you imagine wiping your make up off completely with just a cloth that has no harsh chemicals.  Maxine Warsh, owner of the Maxine Warsh – Facial Rejuvenation and The Wash Cloth, has kindly given all the delegates a warsh cloth that removes makeup completely with a simple swipe. She also  worked hard to educate the delegates on the water in their skin.



Who doesn’t love a big bag of body and skin care products ! The Babe Box was given to each and every single delegate and was filled with lotions, nail polishes and lipsticks.




Pina and Lucy from The Kraco set up a lovely display of beauty products and accessories. From lip balms to hand creams, these ladies have the complete collection. My favourite was the maroon coloured lip balm. It has not only made my lips feel nourished, but also gave them a beautiful natural tint.

kraco logo body wash and beauty bar

I was absolutely thrilled when I heard Nine West will provide shoes for each delegate. Everyone who has ever worn foot wear wore by Nine West knows how comfortable and amazing they look and feel. I cannot wait to share the photos of my heels that I will be wearing for the pageant made by Nine West .

Nine West shoes for evening gown


Keep calm and play with a beach ball right ? Snappy Towels microfiber beach towels gave away blue and pink beach balls emblazoned with their logo.



Raven social media photo booth was set up to make memories with the party and the official photo wall in the background. Robin had a very neat camera set up to capture our best and funniest moments at the event.

Raven social media photo booth logo


HOOLA  HOOPS ! Just those words take you back in time to our childhood. Isabella Hoops Entertainment sent hula hoop performers to put on a show and give tips to inspire other enthusiasts among the assembly. So I was not the greatest hoola hooper in the room, but I definitely had fun trying it ! It was such a great way to calm my nerves.

Isabella Hoops Entertainment


Hashtagio social media aggregator was there , but not really, – every Instagram picture tagged #MissWorldCanada

Hashtagio social media aggregator

Thank god for Archer Dental for sending ahead dozens of tiny gift bags loaded with dental supplies for the week ahead. There was a lot of last minute packing and I might have forgot my toothbrush ! But no need to worry thanks to Archer Dental.

Archer Dental


And every delegate got tank tops from StreetChic.ca and Tastic Marketing. What’s a better way to end your night than getting a free tank top with a cool message? Lily from Street Chic lit the room with her genuine smile and distributed funky tanks to all the delegates.

Tastic Marketing in Mississauga


My first day was a blast ! Meeting amazing young women to getting numerous gifts, it truly was fun-filled and exciting as promised. Follow the above companies on their social media to get the best deals & services.


ours truly,


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