Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going well ! Mine is going painfully slow ūüôĀ To provide some excitement to this week, here is a story of how I started my company…

When I noticed the women the around us paying high prices to put chemically concentrated lipsticks on their lips, I knew there needed to be a better alternative. Most beauty products use petroleum based ingredients and contain heavy metals such as aluminum and lead. These harsh chemicals irritate lips and cause severe dryness and discomfort. Over time they strip away natural lip color and leave them dull and lifeless. This inspired me to experiment with natural pigments and organic oils. After a year of hard work I formulated a unique product that will cut down the pollutants entering women’s bodies.

Seleste organic lipsticks are made with organic ingredients that nourish and repair lips. The hydrating formula is infused with natural pigments that provide stunning and long-wearing lip color. Seleste lipsticks are designed to make women look and feel their best and give them confidence at an affordable price !

The stunning colors are extracted from natural pigments that accentuate the natural lip color and provide effortless beauty. Seleste lipsticks do not contain artificial preservatives, parabens, synthetic colorants or petroleum products. We handcraft the lipsticks from natural/organic ingredients that you can actually pronounce !! We offer a range of shades from pinks and reds to brown. Currently, there are five shades and more to come.

But that’s not it! As you know we have a bigger mission behind this venture. A portion of Seleste’s profits are used to empower and educate women in third world countries. Our First Initiative was a HUGEEEE SUCCESS !! I hope to work hard and help more children achieve their dreams through my company. 

EACH AND EVERY child deserves to a fair chance at a successful future ! Through education they can create a bright future for themselves and their communities. Help me create a sustainable future with equal opportunities by purchasing a Seleste Lipstick @ selestelipsticks.com


Written by: Sravya

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