3000 likes on my official Facebook page, 3300 followers on Instagram and 7.6 K shares of my articles.  All in just one week !!

In my last blog, I shared an article written by The Hindu, an Indian national newspaper, about my journey to Miss World Canada. Since the day the article hit the stands, my phone has not stopped ringing with notifications !! I have recieved over 400 messages from people across India, Canada and USA  that I have never met or known, extending their support on my journey to Miss World Canada.

I lost track of the articles, TV clippings and media posts that have been written about me as Miss Northern Alberta, but more importantly about my fight to empowering young girls through education. Below are links to the national newspapers and websites that have featured articles about me and my platform. Give it a read and let me know your thoughts.

Before I end this post, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have taken their valuable time to LIKE, SHARE and send supporting messages and blessings my way. All the love that I have recieved since the day I started my journey has encouraged and motivated me to work hard and give back to my community. All the valuable feedback I have been receiving has affirmed me that my voice is heard loud and clear across the oceans. It is my life’s mission to ensure each and every young girl can create herself a successful future by providing her access to  education. I will work hard and use my platform as Miss Northern Alberta World or Miss World Canada or simply as Sravya Kalyanapu, to ensure each and every young girl has access to basic education.


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Written by: Sravya

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