William James has one said “The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated.” Being valued and recognized for our actions and contributions motivates us to work harder.

Three of the most influential people in Canada have taken their valuable time to express their heart-felt appreciation for my win as Miss Northern Alberta World 2017; and I cannot be more thankful !!

I recieved congratulatory letters from the Mayor Melissa Blake, MLA Brian Jean and the honourable MP Amarjeet Sohi

Sravya Kalyanam – Congratulatory Letter (2) . 



Here are a few highlights from their letters that really touched my heart :

Your fight to empowering young women especially through your company, Seleste Lipsticks, is a true example of being a strong leader to your peers” – Mayor Melissa Blake 

“Your efforts to broaden that empowerment for women through your social enterprise – Seleste Lipsticks – and the subsequent project in Gopinenipalem, clearly illustrates your commitment to creating better life opportunities for all women, in a manner that disregards borders or social standing.” – MLA Brian Jean 

“You are an inspiration, mentor and role model , easily demonstrating that women can achieve greatness and be their own success stories” – MLA Brian Jean 

When a person takes their time to express their sincere appreciation for a good deed you have done, it truly encourages us to work harder and re-ignites your purpose. Receiving such heart-felt appreciation from inspirational leaders has further motivated me to work hard and contribute more to my community.

So thank you Mayor Melissa Blake, MLA Brian Jean and MP Amarjeet Sohi for recognizing and appreciating my efforts to empower women through education. Words cannot express my feelings, nor a simple thanks for all the support and encouragement I have recieved over the past few months. I will work as hard as I can to ensure each and every child have equal opportunities to a safe and successful future.




Written by: Sravya

One Response to Letters from Mayor, MLA and MP

  1. Chris white says:

    Oh wow
    That really says something strong about you
    Three leaders from three different political ideologies supporting you
    Good job sravya
    Keep it up
    You are only one step away
    God be with you

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