It is clear from all my blogs that I am a strong advocate for education and using it to help those who are less fortunate. But when I speak about education I am not just talking about memorizing math formulas and applying it on your exams and forgetting about it ! From our parents to our teachers, from our school to our community, education comes in ALL forms.

As my time as Miss Northern Alberta so far, I spoke with youth about the power of education and how they can use it to create a safe and successful future for themselves. But more importantly how they can use it to create a fair and just world. My campaign took an interesting turn when I came across DECSA !

I was invited as a guest speaker at the Ventures Networking Event hosted by Distinctive Employment Counselling Services of Alberta (DECSA). DECSA is a not for profit organization that provides various forms of support for individuals with barriers to employment, education and entrepreneurship. Over 50,000 Albertans have accessed DECSA programs and services !!

My platform is heavily focused on empowering youth through education. I work very hard to shed light on organizations such as DECSA that help youth overcome their barriers to education and guide them in the proper path to success. So this was a fantastic opportunity !!!

On a Thursday afternoon after work, I was off to DECSA Center with my crown and sash. I was greeted at the door by Sheree, the Program Manager and was soon introduced to all the individuals who attended the event. I was absolutely amazed when I heard their stories! The individuals that I met at the event were so resilient to establish their business regardless of their adversaries.

We went around the room introducing themselves and their business. The room was full of aspiring entrepreneurs ! Soon I started my presentation about my business, how it began and its community involvement. I also shared the role my title as Miss Northern Alberta World played in building my business and increasing my community involvement. Moreover, how Seleste goes hand in hand with Miss World Canada initiative Beauty With A Purpose.

Lastly, I explained the value and the social responsibility we have to investing in our community. For example, David owns an accounting firm in Edmonton. I suggested to David that he can offer accounting services to individuals from low income families at a little to no cost. In return for his services, these individuals will extend and promote his business and services in the community and help build good will.

We concluded the evening by going around the table and brain stormed various ways their respective business can be involved in the community. It was an eventful and educative evening !!

I am working towards informing the youth about the services and resources DECSA provides to assist individuals obtain proper education and employment opportunities through my social media. Being crowned as Miss Northern Alberta World has increased my outreach by 2,260 people !! Through my social media and blogs, I hope to bring more individuals to organizations like DECSA where they can have access to proper resources and advisors that can assist them overcome their barriers.


Written by: Sravya

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