Pony Rides, face painting, live music and endless popcorn of course !! Now that to me sounds like the PERFECT way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Nicola, event organizer of the Bonnie Fest, I had the opportunity to spend my day at this beautiful community event.

Bonnie Fest is community festival that is organized every year for people to meet and connect with one another. This year Bonnie Fest is extra special as Rutherford School hosted a BBQ fundraiser !! Sadly, there were no veggie burgers 🙁 But, my sister assured me the burgers were delicious as she ate them right in front of me !! 

I not only had the opportunity to make an appearance as Miss Northern Alberta World at the fest, but Nicola was kind enough to help me attain a table at the festival to sell my lipsticks. As you all know from my previous blogs, my business is run with a social conscious. When I informed Nicola about my work with children in India she was more than happy to let me sell Seleste Lipsticks at Bonnie Fest.

My sister and I started to Bonnie Fest with Tim Horton’s breakfast on the way ! We were greeted by Nicola at the entrance and she showed us to our table. We soon set up the table and waited for people to come in and join us.

Within half hour, the place was filled with kids and parents. There was laughter and music everywhere !! I had so many visitors excited to see me, screaming “look, its a princess.” So many children full of curiosity rushed to my table wanting to wear the crown and try Seleste Lipsticks. I absolutely love spending time with children ! They have such genuine hearts full of energy and compassion. I shared my stories with them about how and why I became Miss Northern Alberta World. I explained to them I took on my role to help children like themselves. I also showed them pictures of the kids in India that recieved assistance through Seleste Lipsticks. They were so moved that they convinced their parents to purchase Seleste Lipsticks.  

As the saying goes, all the good things must come to an end ! I had a wonderful time interacting with the kids and parents who attended the Bonnie Fest. This would have not been possible if it was not for Nicola for giving me the opportunity to attend the festival; and also for my lovely sister to help me set up the table and keep me company throughout the day !!

Until my next post, I bid you goodbye.

Yours truly,


Written by: Sravya

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