At the Sponsor Party, us the delegates encountered representatives of these brands and local attractions.

Maxine Warsh was present , and worked hard to educate the delegates on the water in their skin

Maxine Warsh

Pageant makeup was no match for this amazing product!

There was no need for me to use makeup remover, everything came off including my mascara! Plus, the best part is the cloth is reusable and easy to clean!

Pina and Lucy from The Kraco set up a lovely display of beauty products and accessories

kraco logo body wash and beauty bar

Thank you KRA Shea Butter for the amazing 100% shea butter lip balm (pink grapefruit flavour) and the lip tint!

I’ve already started using the lip balm and can feel a difference!

If it wasn’t their product that has already won me over, it was definitely the chocolate they were offering at their booth!

Be sure to check out their website by clicking the link belolw!

Shoes from Nine West were provided for each delegate

Nine West shoes for evening gown


Nine West is absolutely incredible! They are our official shoe sponsor for Miss World Canada, they have provided each delegate with a pair of shoes for opening number and swimwear! I am so excited to wear this shoes on stage and to show them off!

Snappy Towels microfiber beach towels gave away blue and pink beach balls emblazoned with their logo.


Though I cant swim, snappy towels definitely had one of the coolest promotions: the underwater selfie challenge, from the moment Rob announced the challenge I wish I knew how to swim. However, it was still cool to receive a beach ball and I will definitely be using it over the summer!

Raven social media photo booth was set up to make memories with the party and the official photo wall in the background. Robin was

Raven social media photo booth logo

Robin had lots of ideas – was making memories! This was a wonderful way for us girls to be goofy and fun in front of a camera, it aloud us to be ourselves!

Isabella Hoops Entertainment sent hula hoop performers to put on a show and give tips to inspire other enthusiasts among the assembly..

Isabella Hoops Entertainment

I loved hula hooping the other day at the orientation party. Thank you!

Hashtagio social media aggregator was there , but not really, – every Instagram picture tagged #MissWorldCanada

Hashtagio social media aggregator

Archer Dental sent ahead dozens of tiny gift bags loaded with dental supplies for the week ahead,.

Archer Dental


And every delegate got tank tops from StreetChic.ca and Tastic Marketing ran a booth –

Tastic Marketing in Mississauga


These tank tops were the cutest! ‘I like it when you smile, I love it when I’m the reason’ was the quote written on the tank top! It was definitely hard to resist a smile after seeing these shirts and the beautiful lady handing them out!

Helene Clarkson offers clothing that is versatile, saves room and hands down gorgeous!

Travel tip: Always pack a pair of fluffy socks or slippers. Sometimes we wear shoes that take too much time to do up or are not comfortable to wear throughout the flight. By having socks or slippers, you’re capable of leaving them on for the flight and you’ll never have to walk bare foot around the plane!

Link: https://www.facebook.com/HeleneClarksonDesign/

Thank you SKECHERS for showing the 2017 delegates your new line! Enjoyed looking at some of the funky shoe styles you guys have to offer!


Link: https://www.facebook.com/SKECHERS-139537099427776/

Thank you!

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