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I’m going to hit two birds with one stone and talk about the last two events I had the chance of participating in!


When I was 16, I had an opportunity of a lifetime. It is one I will never forget. I went to Nicaragua on a mission trip. The love and joy I felt on this trip was like no other. It was one that opened my eyes to many things, like the fact that we take things for granted! The bed I sleep in, the food I eat on a daily basis, the treats, the sports I have the opportunity of participating in… These are all things I took for granted before embarking onto a plane to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua opened my eyes and really made me understand the term “money doesn’t buy happiness.” They had family and friends, and that’s what made them happy. They were such joyful people. From the offerings they made to us with the limited amount of money they had, to the amazing dances they would hold for us, we were really shown how special these people were.  These dances were probably the highlight of my trip because they were so proud of the festivities and dances they were performing for us. It was a bonding moment between every soul in the room. We had stayed in a small town called San Benito and helped with the building of a septic tank. We lived with them for the next five days, and music and dancing was something we both understood. There was no language barrier, we understood each other through our smiles and the rhythm. It was something special.

When I got asked to sing with my friend at the Nicaragua Fundraiser for the group that had recently gone to Nicaragua in April, I was more than pleased to say YES! It was held on May 6th, and the evening went so well. I enjoyed hearing the stories from the recent group. The lads and gals in blue went to a small town near the Honduras border and built over a dozen washrooms for the local village!

The night was filled with laughter, stories, board games, music from local artists and a beautiful silent auction! It was an evening I will cherish for many years to come. I will have more details to share about my trip to Nicaragua after the presentation I am set to lead on May 18th, for the Me to We Day at the local school in Bonnyville, AB.


Since I’ve been in grade 10, Lobsterfest has always been an event at which I have volunteered. Whether it be a fundraiser for grad, for a trip or, in this year’s case, just volunteering my time for the overall social aspect! Lobsterfest is hosted by the Bonnyville Oilman’s Society. This committee is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers. They have teamed up with the Senior Drop-In Centre here in Bonnyville, which is also a non-profit organization. The Drop-In Centre provided the food, and the event was held at their location.


Lobsterfest is always filled with many volunteers and receives many sponsorships. It was an honour to be their hostess as I got to meet many people in the process. The seniors worked very hard and their work was evident at the event. The lobster and the ribs were great!

Another huge shout out goes to my new sponsor TNT Clothing Corp. which sponsored the beautiful dress and shoes pictured. They took the time to find a dress that best fit the occasion and myself. They are a wonderful company and be sure to check them out in Cold Lake, AB.

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Riwa, Miss East-Central Alberta 2017

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