My name is Riwa, I am 19 years old and I’m from the town of Bonnyville, AB. I have recently competed in the provincial pageant for Miss World Alberta, and I won the title of Miss East-Central Alberta 2017. This title allows me to compete in nationals this summer in Toronto. I’m very excited to be representing Alberta in hopes of being your next Miss World Canada!

I am currently a second-year student at the University of Alberta/Nait (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) working towards a bilingual business diploma that I will receive in April 2017. I will be continuing my education towards a business degree at Nait in hopes of graduating in 2019 with a major focus in the field of Human Resources!

This blog will keep everyone updated on my journey to nationals, and so far it has been nothing but fantastic! Since I have received my crown, so many exciting things have happened. Four days after provincials, I received a call from the Bonnyville Nouvelle and they conducted an interview reflecting on my experience at the pageant and my beauty with a purpose. You can check out the article by using this link: http://www.bonnyvillenouvelle.ca/article/Bringing-the-crowns-to-Bonnyville-20170321

Then, that Saturday, I met up with my new sponsor, Frankie J Photography, who took some head shots of me in my crown. They turned out beautifully! (Her picture has already been featured in an article!). Later on, I had the opportunity to participate at the Cabane à Sucre. Cabane à Sucre celebrates French culture. This event was joined by French folk music, traditional French food, such as crepes (which were delicious) and there were also sleigh rides. My favourite part is the maple taffy. Maple syrup is heated and then poured on snow, and you roll it on a stick. Voilà, you got yourself a maple syrup lollipop! It was a wonderful rendition of the French culture! Volunteering at the Cabane à Sucre always brings a smile to my face. It is always wonderful to see a community getting together to celebrate a culture with good music, good food, and good conversation.



When Sunday rolled around, it was time for me to return to Edmonton where I am currently going to school. However, the excitement did not stop! Thursday I received a phone call from Todays Best Country 99 – a local radio station in the Lakeland area. They also interviewed me on my journey, my beauty with a purpose and what my future plans were with my cause. You can also check the article out on the link below:

Bonnyville Woman Named Miss East-Central Alberta

On Sunday, I will be talking about my beauty with a purpose. The post will include why I have chosen this cause as my platform, what I plan on doing with my platform and who will be involved. I want to make sure everything is in place before I reveal my projects regarding my beauty with a purpose, but for now I will leave you on a high note. This journey has just begun, and by reading the articles above, you will get a little insight on what my beauty with a purpose is. So be sure to stay tuned!

Riwa, Miss East-Central Alberta 2017

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