We were to ask to write blog about our favourite place inside our region. A local family-run establishment, quaint local tourist attraction, or scenic location. I have decided to write about the Lakeland Grill, located in Bonnyville, AB. 

The Lakeland Grill is a local, family-established steakhouse which opened up in 2011. Since they’re opening, I believe this place has been nothing short of successful. The owners, Nick & Nora, have been in the restaurant business for a long time. While contemplating the idea of the restaurant, they wanted to add something different to the East-Central side of Alberta. They sure did that! They brought a kind, friendly and family vibe to the community. They greet everyone with open arms and never fail to make new friends everyday with their impeccable service! 


I spend most of my time at the Lakeland Grill, which some people also treat as a cafe. Every wednesday there are about eight ladies that come in to drink coffee and discuss their lives. They’ve been dubbed ‘The coffee ladies’, and they know all of the gossip there is to know in town!

My favourite part about the Grill is the hospitality you feel as soon as you through the door and the chalkboard they put up at the entrance filled with kind words and motivational quotes. Most of the staff have worked for Nick and Nora since they’ve started, and it shows. The easy going and goofy relationship the entire staff share definitely demonstrates how close they are, and how much they love working for such great people. I also absolutely love the fact that the restaurant gets involved with the community. For example; these past two years, they’ve catered for the Senior Centre on Christmas Eve!

Nick and Nora have been married for 23 years and have three kids (all girls) to call their own. Their oldest is non other than yours truly! I have been lucky enough to call these two amazing people my parents and I’m so grateful to have grown up in the wonderful environment they’ve created with the restaurant. I also appreciate the friendships I’ve made because of the Lakeland Grill.  My parents are not only the restaurant’s owner, but they are friends and family to most of their customers!

Because of my parents hard work and dedication to the Lakeland Grill, I believe that it will always be a place in Bonnyville where the community can enjoy good food with even better company!  

Yours truly,


Riwa, Miss East-Central Alberta


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