My definition of a spray tan was created by TAN LUIS MOBILE SPRAY TAN.

Having a natural but bronzed look head to toe was something that I loved during the summer, but I found that competing in the winter didn’t allow for much sunning. Tan Luis is my miracle worker and the only tan that I will have when I am on stage.

My very first experience, I had ​​18 days notice before I was flew to Nicaragua to compete at Miss Teen Universe as the Canadian delegate. It was the dead of a deep-frozen January. Heading down to Miss Teen Universe I was informed that these Latin delegates would have that natural bronzed looked 365 days a year, and I would most likely be the ‘whitest’ delegate and I did not mind that at all being from Canada. The night before I flew Tan Luis came to my home and made this Canadian snow-coloured girl into a contender at Miss Teen Universe.  I could not believe the effortless natural glow that my skin took on, it was if I had been kissed by the sun.

My next opportunity to compete internationally, I knew who I would call- Tan Luis. Having the opportunity last minute to work with this wonderful lady was a
blessing.  She has become what I like to think as my why my skin glows, my smile appears whiter, and why the colours of my evening  “Golden Glow Goddess”. She is the reason gowns and bikinis all seem that much more glamours and extravagant on stage.  Once again, I was on stage this March, and this summer during the national competition for Miss World Canada 2017. There is no one I trust more than this Golden Glow Goddess to make me literally glow on stage like Tan Luis.  Thank you so much for always believing in me and I cannot wait to see where your lovely tans take me!




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