Fashion. Inspiring Women in Business. Warm Smiles. The words that I would describe my time attending Hot Heels Fashion Show in support of the Highbanks Society. I first reached out to the EWI of Calgary (Executive Women International) to attend their event because of their values and morals. LEARN-LEAD-MENTOR.  EWI embodies women leading women and making a difference in their communities, to foster the ability of women in business to grow with many platforms.

When I spoke with the Calgary Chapter about attending Hot Heels, the conversation was nothing less than filled with laughter and positive moments. I was asked what I would be interested in doing at this event, and I said that I would be happy doing anything to help make the event successful. I was asked what I liked about EWI- that was probably the easiest question I have been asked as Miss Calgary World. I explained that I love the environment that EWI creates through aligning with like-minded individuals who wish to leave a positive effect on those around them. EWI Calgary asked if I would be interested in sharing my story as a young woman in business- apparently, I was Googled. I said I would be more than happy to share my experiences as an active member of our community and my time in business.

The day of Hot Heels I was a little bit nervous to be speaking to a room of corporate powerhouse women. I was instantly greeted with warm smiles, very professional handshakes, and was put to work right away. Like any other fundraiser, raffle tickets needed to be sold! These women, and few men were very generous and understood that all the money would be going to the Highbanks Society in Calgary. The Highbanks Society aids and provides support to unsupported young mothers and their children who experienced poverty and homelessness. Highbanks Society offers housing and contributes to offering young mothers the opportunity to reach their full potential and create a better life for themselves and their children.

Once the afternoon began, there was a lovely lunch offered. EWI Calgary was generous enough to provide me with a complementary seat at the Highbanks table where I had the opportunity to learn more about their causes and how they offer unique opportunities to better the lives of those around them, embracing young mothers to create a framework and learn new skills to help their children and themselves. The lovely MC of the Hot Heels Fashionshow had a young woman speak about her experience as a young mother and the growth she has experienced at Highbanks. She was one of the strongest women in the room. I do know that a lot of the women in the room where mothers- but they may have had the support system that this brave woman may not have had, until she made the conscious decision to better her life for her child. I am not joking when I say, that her story was so strong that she had most the women in tears.

And then it was my time. I was excited to share my experienced with the woman in the room and the few men.

Hello everyone. My name is Mattea Henderson and I am Miss Calgary World 2017. I have been competing in pageants for six years, and while speaking to some of you out front we discovered that you saw me win my first crown in this very room. While competing in pageants I also manage the Calgary division of a promotional brand agency, and attend Mount Royal University to pursue an undergraduate degree concentrated in Marketing and International Business. Although, I love school it hasn’t always been the easiest at times due to sustaining permanent brain damage at birth through a fractured skull. It took a long time for me to understand why I did not think like everyone else. In my second year of my undergraduate degree I completed cogitative and non- cogitative behavioral testing. We found that I tested in the 80th percentile or higher, but where I had my skull fracture, I tested in the 7th and 13th percentiles. They explained there was a correlation, and I have adapted to my weaknesses. Because of this weakness, I have developed a strong work ethic. Like EWI I believe you can build upon your strengths and weaknesses to develop new skills.
One thing that I have experienced in all aspects in my life, from high school teachers, coaches, my peers, friend’s parents, employers, and some university professors is being told “it’s a good thing you’re pretty” or “at least you can marry rich”. At first I took offense to people saying this, it used to bother me to the point that I would cry about it to my mom. I would ask her “is that all people see? How I look?”.  My mom told me that how I look is a great gift but also a weakness. I have accepted how people see me, but it is also the reason why I have opportunities that many don’t- I reason why I am able to speak here today- a reason why I can do pageants. In the last six years, I have had five titles, and two were international ones. Pageants are a major reason I do what I do. They have taught me the importance of community supporting community. I will always be proud of represent Canada, but having the ability to represent Calgary is something I do not have words to express my gratitude about. Knowing that Calgarians like you willing to be the change you wish to see in the world, by helping others, and leaving a positive effect is why I am honored to be here today.
I will be completing my undergraduate degree in the fall, and I can openly admit that I do not have the corporate experience that everyone in this room does. I can only work towards and aspire to emulate what EWI and all of you stand for: Community supporting Community, helping others discover their potential, acknowledging strengths and weaknesses while discovering new skills, and aligning yourself with like-minded people and leaving a positive effect.

The fashion show was amazing! The pieces were all beautiful just like the people modeling them. I really could not have dreamed of an experience like this. It opened my eyes to the influence the driven and passionate women could have on their community.

Thank you EWI of Calgary for allowing me to be part of this wonderful event of community supporting community. I hope to be as strong, passionate and drive just like the women in the Calgary Chapter. I know you made a difference in my life, as well as others.


For more information on HOT HEELS and EWI of Calgary, please LIKE their Facebook:



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358 million people in Africa are without water access.
There are more people who have a mobile phone than access to a toilet.
Globally 17,000 children under the age of 5 die each day.
There is a $4 economic return for each dollar that is spent on water and sanitation.

The Annual Raindrop Gala was founded in support of educating and eradicating global poverty.  All funds that are raised are donated to the World Partnership Walk. I was excited that Millenium Plus Homes, Shirzaan Gaidhar and Shameer Gaidhar stirred our city to eradicate global poverty and allow me to be part of such a heartwarming night of education and entertainment.

Being fifth generation Canadian I can openly admit that I do feel that I have blinders at times to what happens in the rest of the world. Being a Canadian citizen who has not been exposed to poverty first hand I will never pretend to be able to relate to any individual who has experienced any form of poverty, but that does mean that I will do what I can to help raise awareness, eliminate, and raise funds for those who live in poverty.

I am blessed to know Shirzaan and Shameer Gaidhar. These proud Calgarians have made a conscious effort to be the change they wish to see in the world. With the funds that were raised at the first Raindrop Gala the Gaidhars traveled to Kenya and met individuals who experienced global poverty daily for generations. Knowing the hearts that the Gaidhar’s have I jumped at the opportunity to attend the 2nd Annual Raindrop Gala!

Hosted by Millenium Plus Homes the night was filled with laughter, decadent food, live music, a silent audience, a fun photo booth- all within the butterfly exhibit of the Calgary Zoo. Although the weather was a little crisp in Calgary, the tropical feeling of the butterfly enclosure filled with laughter and smiles surrounding every person, it was if we were all on a tropical island together. I think the juxtaposition of having an extravagant gala in contrast to raising funds to eradicate global poverty put into perspective the importance of the essence of what the Raindrop Gala’s purpose is. As we embraced each other I did have a moment when I realized that although this is a wonderful event for a global cause, it took a moment for me to realize that all the fundraising that was happening for people a world away- these individuals would never or may never experience a night like this.

The goal for the 2nd Annual Raindrop Gala was to raise $20,000 in association with the World Partnership Walk and the Aga Khan Foundation Canada.These funds will aid in providing basic health care to over half a million people.

I am very honoured to have been part of an event with Calgarians who raised over $40,000! 

I cannot wait for the World Partnership Walk and the next Annual Raindrop Gala.


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Many people say we only have one world and one life- this is true. The one life that you offer this world should make it a better place. MISS  WORLD prides itself on helping children worldwide. By being able to make the world a better place for our children we can take pride in the decisions we made in ours.

Earth Day started on April 22, 1970 working through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns. Twenty years later Earth Day is a global movement operating in 141 countries all lifting environmental issues onto our world’s stage.

Canada is currently the top country to visit for a vacation because of our beautiful terrain. From coast to coast Canada offers eastern cliffs you can look over to see icebergs, crystal blue lakes surrounded by never ending fall colours, to golden fields of wheat for as far as the eye can see, followed by foothills into the Rocky Mountains that are covered by glaciers into the western coast lined by rainforest, but if you head north you experience a beautiful land of ice and snow- that has more sunlight.

Living in both Ontario and Alberta, and traveling to Quebec, Saskatchewan, and British Colombia, I have had opportunities to see Niagara Falls, spend summers in Muskoka, summit several mountains with my family, walk through forests of giant cedars and cliff dive in northern Ontario.  I have come to find the love I have for Canada to be something that I am willing to protect.

Mount Royal University in support of Earth Day had the most beautiful instillation of a mental hand holding a tree. Surrounding it were facts about the important of recycling goods. This piece of art created in collaboration between Alberta Recycling Depos, Mount Royal University, and three artists, Cory Barkman, Christine Pedersen and Jeff DeBoer was something that made each person stop to take a look at something as simple as juice cartons, pop cans, and water bottles. I think that this piece of modern art is something that is representative of understanding that nature is in our hands, that our choices to recycle can allow us to grow our world in a beautiful way.

I am sure you all know I love my Tim Hortons peppermint tea and coffee just like any other full time university student.  I remember last year students at Mount Royal University created a social initiative to educate its community on the importance of recycling. These students showed us images of this distorted piece of plastic and asked us what it was, to my honest surprise it was the protective plastic of a coffee cup. They said that because of this plastic coating it takes over 100 years for a coffee cup to be properly recycled and turned into compost. Each day as simple as it is, I make sure that I properly recycle a coffee cup. I may not be an environmental activist, but I try my best in my daily life. Even if it is as simple as recycling the proper way, turning off the tap when I am brushing my teeth, remembering to divide my plastics from papers.

We only have one life to live and one world. My challenge to you: try bringing a travel mug for your hot beverages when you remember, divide your papers and plastics, and buy fresh and live green!



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I do believe that confidence is what allows a young woman to shine on stage; her confidence is what radiates for everyone to see. But having a gown that makes you ‘feel’ beautiful inside and out can change the glow that comes from that young woman too. There are too many factors, but one fixed variable is Angeline Mcdonald.

If you have every worked with MTC-W INC, you’ve met Angeline. She is one of the people in pageantry who understands truly that each girl is different and offers the world something unique. She finds a way to bring that different out so people can appreciate it just as much as she does.

Bells and Bows Bridal, located in Lethbridge Alberta is a premium boutique that almost every pageant girl I know in Canada knows about. Angeline offers gowns that you could only dream of.  She has worked with all the Miss Teen Canada-Worlds and Miss Teenage Canada winners, international delegates, and those who have the confidence to compete for Miss Universe Canada.

I first met Angeline when I was 19 during the provincials for Miss Teen Alberta-World, and when competing for Miss Teen Canada-World 2013. I then received a call asking if I would be interested in attending Miss TEEN Universe as the Canadian delegate. With the 18 days between being asked to compete and flying to Nicaragua, I flew to Toronto for fittings to try and see what would look good and make me feel my best. Angeline had me covered. At Miss TEEN Universe 2014, I was awarded Best Evening Gown, and was constantly being told that I had the best gowns of all the delegates by parents of the girls, and their directors.

Once I knew that I would be competing at Miss World Canada 2017 this July I made sure to book my appointment with my Angel ASAP. March 13 was a rainy, grey day in Calgary- but with a double-double in hand, Mama Henderson and I were off to find something with a bit of sparkle and possibly a bow. I have never purchased a gown without my parent’s approval. I always keep in mind that my mom will be honest and upfront about her opinion, this is the reason I could not be as strong and confident without her words and love. During our drive, we discussed about what we thought would look best on my figure as well as what would pop on stage, we both came to the conclusion- Angie would know best.

Greeted by warm smiles and hugs all around we were ready with the task at hand.
Our Mission: To find a knock out gown for Miss World Canada 2017

Not to our surprise, Angeline was ready. Reds, blues, whites, and greens, with tulle, chiffon, and silk organza. I was showed gown upon gown upon gown. My mom and I knew that we would be overwhelmed with options. I was blessed by Angeline and Val who keep my head out of the clouds until I slipped on my heels, stood up straight and put on a beautiful gown and felt just as I should- like myself. It was without delay everyone said, “That’s the one.”

I am sorry to say, the details on my gown are TOP SECRET! But if you need a gown for prom, a pageant, or some other special day please take a moment and find that perfect gown at Bells and Bows Bridal Center.

Angeline, I will always remember that feeling of sophistication, grace, confidence and beauty, while feeling as if I was walking on a cloud. Although I am confident and love who I am, Angeline you made me sparkle with your Bells and Bows. Thank you for being my Angel.

Angie was always so kind. She would make sure that you felt amazing in whatever you were wearing and that you felt comfortable. There is nothing like the kindness and experience that is like none other.
-Jillian Martin. Miss Teenage Canada 2013, & Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2013


I have met Angie several times throughout my pageant experiences and she has always been a positive person to be around. She is kind, passionate and has the most beautiful gowns I have ever seen! Anyone who has the chance to visit Bells and Bows should definitely consider it!
-Shyann Caissie. Miss Teen NB-World 2013, & Miss Canada Collegiate 2015

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Having a healthy mind, body, and soul I think is what helps a person better themselves in our world. If you know you’re healthy mentally and physically, this can create a balance in your life that most people strive for without knowing their personal boundaries.

I was at my aunt’s cabin two summers ago and I would get the worst migraines.  We did not know what would trigger them or what would take away the pain. I tried everything for the last six years: pain killers, different types and dosages at different times, trying to sleep, or taking a hot shower and steaming compared to a cold shower. Nothing worked. Close to half of our family was at the cabin with friends, totally around 20​​ people give or take. Another aunt of mine was there, and I hadn’t met her before since she was in BC and I spent most of my childhood in Ontario. She understood what these headaches could do to people, and had seen me in bed for the last day. She produces her own essential oils, spays and so much more. This was the one thing that makes my migraines slightly less debilitating. I do not know what I would do without her headache remedy!

Last year, her company Yoga Potion is what helped me to have a greater ​​acceptance and appreciation for non-Westernized medicine. I am not saying that one is better than the other, but what I do know is that Yoga Potion is what helps me feel calm, collected, and relaxed whenever I use their products. XLLS ​​

Thank you Yoga Potion for keeping me calm and collected throughout my days. Thank you for your everlasting support and confidence in who I am. I am blessed that your production in now in Calgary which means your products are that much closer.

I really hope you all take a moment and freshen up your lives with some of my favourite products!
-Saviour Headache Blend
-Yoga Mat Spay: Cleansing


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I can absolutely pretend that I have a clever opening sentence up my sleeve, that I can whip out with the snap of your fingers, but that is not the case this morning. I am currently sitting in the Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University drinking my Canadian classic- Tim Hortons, attempting to come up with a life altering opening at 7:34am. As I’m sitting here pretending to study, I am honoured to be your Miss Calgary World 2017.

I am in my last year of my undergraduate degree in Marketing with a minor in International Business. Academics are an area where I believe individuals can thrive and excel by setting goals for themselves and seeing tangible results. Although, I do believe having good grades is important, the life lessons that you learn throughout being in school I think are so much more valuable. You may not realize, but each social interaction, or awkward moment of walking into a door teaches you about your vulnerability, to trust, to love, your strength, and how to communicate. In one direction or another, you are growing every day. But in my case, for the liters of coffee consumed during my university career I do not think I will be growing any taller.

My name is Mattea, and while admitting my healthy habit of embracing Tim Hortons while studying or blogging in this case, I have been an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically. This year I hope to enlighten the public about the effects that head injuries can have on people. I am passionate about raising awareness for head injuries because I experienced a traumatic birth that resulted in a fractured skull. I may not know what my life could have been, but I realize that overcoming adversity has allowed me to become stronger than I could have imagined. I have had family members, and close friends who have experienced head injuries, specifically concussions, that have changed the way that they learn, or eliminated their ability to compete at the same level in sport that they did prior to their head injuries.

With the honour of representing the beautiful city of Calgary in Alberta, I  plan on taking full advantage of Calgary’s backyard by climbing a couple mountains, and cooling down in a glacier fed lake or two. I will be spending as much time as I can be contributing to our community, volunteering, and raising funds for the official charity of MISS WORLD Canada (to be announced soon!) and other organizations near and dear to my heart. Being able to enlighten Calgary about my Beauty with a Purpose campaign, while having a double-double in hand, will be just as important during my time because there is active lifestyle available to all Calgarians that distinguishes Calgary as a world-class city to visit or live.

I do not know what the future holds for me, but I do know that I am capable of whatever comes my way. From July 16-23, I will be in  Toronto competing for MISS WORLD Canada 2017 alongside some of Canada’s up and coming entrepreneurs, actresses, athletes, teachers, but most importantly- role models. I hope to inspire and be inspired by those around me, and cannot thank you all enough for your continuous kinds words and support. I hope you are all part of my journey once again.

I am so excited to start this journey with you all,


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