On Sunday July 16th 2017, all contestants were event bloggers tasked with the duty to express their own experience of attending the 2017 MWC Sponsor Party as VIP. All of these sponsors are looking to make an impact on the delegates while inspiring them to be true to themselves while standing out in a sea of people! 

At the Sponsor Party, the delegates encountered representatives of these brands and local attractions.

Maxine Warsh was present , and worked hard to educate the delegates on the water in their skin.and how to best clean cosmetics from skin which is great knowledge for young people with healthy skin to protect and get passionate about.
That first night after orientation & our sponsorship party, I immediately tried out this wonder cloth and was able to keep my skin fresh and clean, ready to start the week off right!Maxine Warsh



Pina and Lucy from The Kraco set up a lovely display of beauty products and accessories. Something that is one thing that I will never give up is candy or natural beauty products, once just happens to be sweeter than the other- clearly that would be the all natural beauty products.  I could not believe how smooth and long lasting this formula was, it has become a staple in my pageant emergency travel bag!

kraco logo body wash and beauty bar


Shoes from Nine West were provided for each delegate – later – just the measurements were taken. Blessed to say, Nine West Canada is a regular stop for my shopping adventures in Calgary, Alberta. When we found out that Nine West was our official sponsor, I was on cloud nine! Elegance and Class. Two words that describe an iconic brand that has not gone unnoticed during our Sponsorship Party to launch off the week! I cannot wait to share the shoes with you all on Thursday, July 20, 2017 during the preliminary competition!
Nine West shoes for evening gown

A girl can never have too many shoes! Heels are great, but after rehearsals for hours on end we all need to give our feet a break! Thankfully, there were lots of sketchers. One think that I love about the Miss World Canada Organization is that they are always ensuring that we are able to go 100% all of the time, they understand the importance of looking flawless in heels, but also that we are young woman who are competing and will need the comfort and practicality of Sketchers!

There were some spiffy cosmetics

Snappy Towels microfiber beach towels gave away blue and snappy_towels-web-colours-800x800pink beach balls emblazoned with their logo.  Snappy Towels invited each of the delegates to blow up a beach ball amd one of these delegates won a white Snappy Towel which is the first of many to be dispensed as prizes over the course of the week – more on that in the next blog post. We were told that Snappy Towels would be having a contest later in the week for the best underwater selfie!So here it is ladies and gentlemen, here is my personal mermaid moment!


Raven social media photo booth logoRaven social media photo booth was set up to make memories with the party and the official photo wall in the background. Robin was killing it with so many crowns and sashes high heels – she helped make the party much more memorable.

Robin had lots of ideas – was making memories with Spin Starlets who work wonders with

Isabella Hoops EntertainmentLED Hula Hoops. Isabella Hoops Entertainment sent hula hoop performers to put on a show and give tips to inspire other enthusiasts among the assembly. I am not the most coordinated person, and I am not a dancer either, but I still gave it a try- you only live once! To make rotations and gyrations with overall good vibrations , I gave it a try, but here it is!

AND…. the gift giving and getting went on for what seemed like an eternity

Hashtagio social media aggregatorHashtagio social media aggregator was there , but not really, – every Instagram picture tagged #MissWorldCanada! There were kind enough to showcase each and every girl who tagged their photos during the reign so the other delegates could see what they were doing!

xArcher Dental sent ahead dozens of tiny gift bags loaded with dental supplies – there was a massive array of dental products on hand Archer Dentaland because it was displayed in such a prime spot in the whole horseshoe array Archer Dental had to share her table with Lily Laio of Street Chic who gave away very cute tank tops emblazzoned with the Tastic Marketing in Mississaugaslogan “I Like it when you smile and I love it when Im the reason” which is a very fashion forward proposition and one that fits perfectly with Miss World Canada – too bad the shorts were mostly ‘medium’. And every delegate got tank tops from StreetChic.ca and Ryan from Tastic Marketing ran a busy booth!

Being able to interact and get to know Lily Laio was such a pleasure, her smile lit up the entire room- not to mention that her speak was a moment the inspired all of the delegates to be the best versions of ourselves! She explained that she loved my article and would be more than welcome to write for her again if I wanted to in my future. I told her that I would love the opportunity, and would get on that once the Miss World Canada Pageant was complete!

And then there was food!Thankfully to keep everyone’s blood sugar up, the Miss World Canada Organization has a cake for all of the delegates! I know for a fact that the girls enjoyed this cake a little too much!
I am so excited to see what this week hold, and I am waiting to hear what comes next!

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors during this week, none of what we are doing as delegates would be possible without your generosity!

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