This is not about Canada’s 150 birthday, but rather about what our future will look like in the next 150 years! RBC has inspired young Canadians to make the next 150 years count by acting today. RBC’s #Make150Count is their commitment to building stronger ties between youth, communities, and enabling Canada’s future!

RBC’s choice to invest in Canadian youth can be seen through the efforts and mass number of submissions of entries. RBC has faith in Canadians, and the impact they can have by doing something little or big with $150.00

Growing up in Canada I take it for granted from time to tome- it is not on purpose, I have not known anything different. I was blessed to be an active child, and to have a family that has lived an active lifestyle. My Mom made the kids in our family play outside for 4 hours to earn 1 hour of screen time- this includes television or computer- during our summers. I started playing sports when I was three years old, my brother and sister both played sports too, as well as my parents. I was blessed that my family could afford to put all three children into multiple sports.

The experiences I have being active in school or playing sports have influenced the person I am today. Because of these opportunities, I have learned to communicate, the importance of being able to lean on people, the benefits of leadership, and what it means to be on a team. One of the most important things that I was lucky enough to discover by being active and being on teams is the ability I have to push myself harder and harder, to learn my limits mentally and physically.

My #MAKE150COUNT Proposal was,

In Canada children and youth do not have enough physical activity in their daily lives, and/or families do not have the means to have their children participate in sport.
I would #Make150Count by purchasing different team sporting balls (so that everyone can play- not just one child) and donate them to elementary schools in my area to increase their appreciation for sport and benefit from being active.


I challenge you to #MAKE150COUNT. Tweet me and RBC, tell you how you are going to #MAKE150COUNT with no strings attached!



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