I can absolutely pretend that I have a clever opening sentence up my sleeve, that I can whip out with the snap of your fingers, but that is not the case this morning. I am currently sitting in the Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University drinking my Canadian classic- Tim Hortons, attempting to come up with a life altering opening at 7:34am. As I’m sitting here pretending to study, I am honoured to be your Miss Calgary World 2017.

I am in my last year of my undergraduate degree in Marketing with a minor in International Business. Academics are an area where I believe individuals can thrive and excel by setting goals for themselves and seeing tangible results. Although, I do believe having good grades is important, the life lessons that you learn throughout being in school I think are so much more valuable. You may not realize, but each social interaction, or awkward moment of walking into a door teaches you about your vulnerability, to trust, to love, your strength, and how to communicate. In one direction or another, you are growing every day. But in my case, for the liters of coffee consumed during my university career I do not think I will be growing any taller.

My name is Mattea, and while admitting my healthy habit of embracing Tim Hortons while studying or blogging in this case, I have been an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically. This year I hope to enlighten the public about the effects that head injuries can have on people. I am passionate about raising awareness for head injuries because I experienced a traumatic birth that resulted in a fractured skull. I may not know what my life could have been, but I realize that overcoming adversity has allowed me to become stronger than I could have imagined. I have had family members, and close friends who have experienced head injuries, specifically concussions, that have changed the way that they learn, or eliminated their ability to compete at the same level in sport that they did prior to their head injuries.

With the honour of representing the beautiful city of Calgary in Alberta, I  plan on taking full advantage of Calgary’s backyard by climbing a couple mountains, and cooling down in a glacier fed lake or two. I will be spending as much time as I can be contributing to our community, volunteering, and raising funds for the official charity of MISS WORLD Canada (to be announced soon!) and other organizations near and dear to my heart. Being able to enlighten Calgary about my Beauty with a Purpose campaign, while having a double-double in hand, will be just as important during my time because there is active lifestyle available to all Calgarians that distinguishes Calgary as a world-class city to visit or live.

I do not know what the future holds for me, but I do know that I am capable of whatever comes my way. From July 16-23, I will be in  Toronto competing for MISS WORLD Canada 2017 alongside some of Canada’s up and coming entrepreneurs, actresses, athletes, teachers, but most importantly- role models. I hope to inspire and be inspired by those around me, and cannot thank you all enough for your continuous kinds words and support. I hope you are all part of my journey once again.

I am so excited to start this journey with you all,


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2 Responses to Hello from Mattea, Miss Calgary World 2017

  1. Shyann Caissie says:

    SO proud of you!!! I can’t wait to see you rock it at nationals! So lucky and blessed to have a friend like you xox

    • Mattea says:

      Thanks! I love our instant connection over food and french- clearly I needed the practice! I’m so happy that we will always cheer each other on, no matter how big our dreams are!

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