I am proud to be Canadian- I believe that all individuals that live in Canada should be proud of this country. Our country is built on people coming to this land to find a new start. Canada is such a strong nation of people who believe in who they are!

I have lived in Canada my entire life, so have my parents and their parents. I was blessed from the day that I was born that I have been Canadian. Being raised in a diverse country and community, that allows people to fully embrace who they are with tolerance and understanding is all that I have known. Rather than oppressing one specific group or people, I was taught as a Canadian to be open and understanding- to learn about these peoples differences because that is what makes them special and unique.  I remember when I attending elementary school, that if one child was doing something for a cultural or religious purpose they could share what it meant to them, and we could try it too. It was not to assimilate anyone, but to learn about the world around us.

Rather than focusing on the last 150 years, I think its important to look forward. Our country is amazing and I wanted to share the world’s perspective of our country, that is what I am proud of; our tolerance, our love, our respect, and willingness to learn

Jus Reign shared an open letter to Canada about being THANKFUL FOR CANADA! Please take a moment to watch this, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Shaw posted a video celebrating Canada’s Birthday, if this does not represent Canada’s global reputation. This video actually made me cry, take a look:

Canada is a young country in this world, but it means that we are learning. I am excited that Canada has come this far already, but we do have more to learn about ourselves and the world around us. I want to thank you Canada, for allowing me to have a safe childhood, for teaching me how to appreciate diversity, tolerance, and acceptance.

I hope to continue being a role model for Canadians. I hope that I am someone that people recognize as a true Canadian over the next 50 years!

Happy 150th Canada!


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