Spring is officially here and the flowers are blooming! Spring cleanup and embracing  green thumbs for Albertans start in May, before we get that last little bit of snow, hail, and cold.

The Alberta Delegates were invited to get down and dirty with a beautification project at the Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge. On May 13,  I spent my day with Miss Teenage Alberta-Grace and Miss Teenage Cardston County-Sarah, along with Angeline Mcdonald and her life saving service dog Cisko. We were cleaning picnicking areas, pulling weeds, aerating the flower beds and preparing the grounds for the planting of flowers and beautifying the grounds for patients, doctors, and visitors.

Once Grace, Sarah, and I got down and dirty, we had the opportunity to watch Angeline and Cisko be interviewed and speak about the work that they do. Cisko (AKA K-9 Cisko) and Angeline explained that they were a certified team- both are not only have kind hearts and souls, but Cisko is a certified therapy dog. From my perspective, I had the opportunity to watch Cisko and Angeline interact with people in the courtyard, almost every person that walked by either asked if they could pet Cisko or knew him by name! Angeline told me,

“We Are Totally Devoted To Bringing Happiness And Joy To Zithers At The Chinook Regional Hospital”

The Chinook Regional Hospital asked the three beauty queens to interview for a possible promotional piece about volunteering in the community or specifically with the hospital. We were to introduce ourselves/our titles, what we plan to do with our titles, why we were volunteering, and the importance of volunteering. Sarah and Grace absolutely nailed their portions! They spoke effortless and confidently.  I explained that the reason that I was volunteering today was because I understood the importance of the little things making a big difference- and how something as simple as planting flowers can change the mindset and emotions of people. The three of us explained that volunteering is so much more than just doing a task, but rather it is about a kind deed can influence those around you to do the same- that no task is too little or is not appreciated.

We all had a great day with each other and the other volunteers who took the time out of their days to make the world a better place. The term Beauty with a Purpose came to mind- literal and figuratively. The literal would be that fact that we are beautifying the Hospital grounds with flowers to benefit those who were spending their days saving lives, fighting for their lives, and visiting their loved ones. The figurative could be interpreted as those with beautiful hearts understand that their purpose is to better the world around them. Either way, MISS WORLD and Miss World Canada’s Beauty with a Purpose is evident not only in a ‘beauty queen’ but also in the hearts of those who made the conscious effort to better the world around them because of the person they are. I cannot wait to see the final results once all of the flowers are planted.


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