Having a healthy mind, body, and soul I think is what helps a person better themselves in our world. If you know you’re healthy mentally and physically, this can create a balance in your life that most people strive for without knowing their personal boundaries.

I was at my aunt’s cabin two summers ago and I would get the worst migraines.  We did not know what would trigger them or what would take away the pain. I tried everything for the last six years: pain killers, different types and dosages at different times, trying to sleep, or taking a hot shower and steaming compared to a cold shower. Nothing worked. Close to half of our family was at the cabin with friends, totally around 20​​ people give or take. Another aunt of mine was there, and I hadn’t met her before since she was in BC and I spent most of my childhood in Ontario. She understood what these headaches could do to people, and had seen me in bed for the last day. She produces her own essential oils, spays and so much more. This was the one thing that makes my migraines slightly less debilitating. I do not know what I would do without her headache remedy!

Last year, her company Yoga Potion is what helped me to have a greater ​​acceptance and appreciation for non-Westernized medicine. I am not saying that one is better than the other, but what I do know is that Yoga Potion is what helps me feel calm, collected, and relaxed whenever I use their products. XLLS ​​

Thank you Yoga Potion for keeping me calm and collected throughout my days. Thank you for your everlasting support and confidence in who I am. I am blessed that your production in now in Calgary which means your products are that much closer.

I really hope you all take a moment and freshen up your lives with some of my favourite products!
-Saviour Headache Blend
-Yoga Mat Spay: Cleansing


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