I do believe that confidence is what allows a young woman to shine on stage; her confidence is what radiates for everyone to see. But having a gown that makes you ‘feel’ beautiful inside and out can change the glow that comes from that young woman too. There are too many factors, but one fixed variable is Angeline Mcdonald.

If you have every worked with MTC-W INC, you’ve met Angeline. She is one of the people in pageantry who understands truly that each girl is different and offers the world something unique. She finds a way to bring that different out so people can appreciate it just as much as she does.

Bells and Bows Bridal, located in Lethbridge Alberta is a premium boutique that almost every pageant girl I know in Canada knows about. Angeline offers gowns that you could only dream of.  She has worked with all the Miss Teen Canada-Worlds and Miss Teenage Canada winners, international delegates, and those who have the confidence to compete for Miss Universe Canada.

I first met Angeline when I was 19 during the provincials for Miss Teen Alberta-World, and when competing for Miss Teen Canada-World 2013. I then received a call asking if I would be interested in attending Miss TEEN Universe as the Canadian delegate. With the 18 days between being asked to compete and flying to Nicaragua, I flew to Toronto for fittings to try and see what would look good and make me feel my best. Angeline had me covered. At Miss TEEN Universe 2014, I was awarded Best Evening Gown, and was constantly being told that I had the best gowns of all the delegates by parents of the girls, and their directors.

Once I knew that I would be competing at Miss World Canada 2017 this July I made sure to book my appointment with my Angel ASAP. March 13 was a rainy, grey day in Calgary- but with a double-double in hand, Mama Henderson and I were off to find something with a bit of sparkle and possibly a bow. I have never purchased a gown without my parent’s approval. I always keep in mind that my mom will be honest and upfront about her opinion, this is the reason I could not be as strong and confident without her words and love. During our drive, we discussed about what we thought would look best on my figure as well as what would pop on stage, we both came to the conclusion- Angie would know best.

Greeted by warm smiles and hugs all around we were ready with the task at hand.
Our Mission: To find a knock out gown for Miss World Canada 2017

Not to our surprise, Angeline was ready. Reds, blues, whites, and greens, with tulle, chiffon, and silk organza. I was showed gown upon gown upon gown. My mom and I knew that we would be overwhelmed with options. I was blessed by Angeline and Val who keep my head out of the clouds until I slipped on my heels, stood up straight and put on a beautiful gown and felt just as I should- like myself. It was without delay everyone said, “That’s the one.”

I am sorry to say, the details on my gown are TOP SECRET! But if you need a gown for prom, a pageant, or some other special day please take a moment and find that perfect gown at Bells and Bows Bridal Center.

Angeline, I will always remember that feeling of sophistication, grace, confidence and beauty, while feeling as if I was walking on a cloud. Although I am confident and love who I am, Angeline you made me sparkle with your Bells and Bows. Thank you for being my Angel.

Angie was always so kind. She would make sure that you felt amazing in whatever you were wearing and that you felt comfortable. There is nothing like the kindness and experience that is like none other.
-Jillian Martin. Miss Teenage Canada 2013, & Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2013


I have met Angie several times throughout my pageant experiences and she has always been a positive person to be around. She is kind, passionate and has the most beautiful gowns I have ever seen! Anyone who has the chance to visit Bells and Bows should definitely consider it!
-Shyann Caissie. Miss Teen NB-World 2013, & Miss Canada Collegiate 2015

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