358 million people in Africa are without water access.
There are more people who have a mobile phone than access to a toilet.
Globally 17,000 children under the age of 5 die each day.
There is a $4 economic return for each dollar that is spent on water and sanitation.

The Annual Raindrop Gala was founded in support of educating and eradicating global poverty.  All funds that are raised are donated to the World Partnership Walk. I was excited that Millenium Plus Homes, Shirzaan Gaidhar and Shameer Gaidhar stirred our city to eradicate global poverty and allow me to be part of such a heartwarming night of education and entertainment.

Being fifth generation Canadian I can openly admit that I do feel that I have blinders at times to what happens in the rest of the world. Being a Canadian citizen who has not been exposed to poverty first hand I will never pretend to be able to relate to any individual who has experienced any form of poverty, but that does mean that I will do what I can to help raise awareness, eliminate, and raise funds for those who live in poverty.

I am blessed to know Shirzaan and Shameer Gaidhar. These proud Calgarians have made a conscious effort to be the change they wish to see in the world. With the funds that were raised at the first Raindrop Gala the Gaidhars traveled to Kenya and met individuals who experienced global poverty daily for generations. Knowing the hearts that the Gaidhar’s have I jumped at the opportunity to attend the 2nd Annual Raindrop Gala!

Hosted by Millenium Plus Homes the night was filled with laughter, decadent food, live music, a silent audience, a fun photo booth- all within the butterfly exhibit of the Calgary Zoo. Although the weather was a little crisp in Calgary, the tropical feeling of the butterfly enclosure filled with laughter and smiles surrounding every person, it was if we were all on a tropical island together. I think the juxtaposition of having an extravagant gala in contrast to raising funds to eradicate global poverty put into perspective the importance of the essence of what the Raindrop Gala’s purpose is. As we embraced each other I did have a moment when I realized that although this is a wonderful event for a global cause, it took a moment for me to realize that all the fundraising that was happening for people a world away- these individuals would never or may never experience a night like this.

The goal for the 2nd Annual Raindrop Gala was to raise $20,000 in association with the World Partnership Walk and the Aga Khan Foundation Canada.These funds will aid in providing basic health care to over half a million people.

I am very honoured to have been part of an event with Calgarians who raised over $40,000! 

I cannot wait for the World Partnership Walk and the next Annual Raindrop Gala.


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