Right from the morning, I had to meet up with the Miss World Canada makeup and hairstylist! They are such a great bunch and I thank them for doing my hair and makeup for me! Next was photoshoots for our gowns and swimsuit! And that was really fun to do! We also used a fan for effects and my hair was flying everywhere but I hope the pictures turn out great!!


Then the next task was the interview. The most nerve-wracking part of the pageant for me! However, as I got into the room, the nervousness I had was all gone and I think the interviews went pretty well. The 3-minute interview passed by really fast that I got surprised by the timer. Overall, I had a great time talking to the judges in the interview.

Now we have preliminary! It turned out fabulous, amazing, and dazzling! First, we had swimwear, then our evening gown and finally the fashion show!! Even though I was the first one to walk on the stage, I was able to execute my performance well and took my time!! This night was one of the memorable moments as every contestant was shinning throughout the preliminary! 

It doesn’t end there, after the preliminary, we were given a treat from Box’d by Paramount again for dinner! Thank you so much #BoxdbyParamount

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