Call time is 8 in the morning for makeup/hairstylists for our upcoming video/photoshoot later today.

The video shoot and photoshoot were incredible! I had so much fun experiencing new things and meeting wonderful people! PLUS! Every delegate was dazzling today and I can not wait to see them more this week! The photographer, Erwin, was such a great guy to work with and we handled things pretty smoothly through my photoshoot! I cannot wait to see how the photos turned out! 

Most girls finished pretty quickly through the morning and noon. For myself, I’ve finished my video/photoshoots in the early afternoon. So I have a good amount of time for myself today!

We’ve also had the opportunity to receive our lunch from #panpannoodlebar! The food is amazing and delicious that it filled me up for the rest of the day.

Lastly, We were given some goodies from MWC!!! Thank you so much, Michelle! I’ll treasure these for life!

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