I would like to thank my family, friends, sponsors, and those who helped donate the funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation. I greatly appreciate the support you’ve given me through my journey to Miss World Canada. 

Thank you to: 

To Joly’s Independent grocer: A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MS ANN, the manager, and owner of the store. Without your help, it wouldn’t be possible for me to raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation. 

Spotlight Couronne Internationale Inc:  To Mr. Limuel Hayag Vilela and Mr. Alvin Masangkay Francia for supporting my journey and to let me sell your Couture Embroidery Masks. Thank you so much!

Four Quest energy:  Thank you for your kind generosity in donating $100 for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Total taekwondo: Thank you for always supporting me since I’ve started taekwondo more than 5 years. Being in your class, I was able to discipline myself, strengthen myself, to have more confidence, concentration, focus, and improving my leadership skills. Especially a big thank you to Master Higdon and Ms. Glenda for teaching me every one of those things and also your $100 donation in supporting Children’s Wish Foundation. 

Maria Cecilia Namoca: My beautiful mother manager in Independent Grocer. As an employee under your supervision, I have learned many things from you and your kindness is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your endless support in my journey.

The Catangui Family: To my sweet, kind, Tita Vilma for always being the cheerleader support through everything I do. Your dedication to helping me was unimaginable! And also to Tito Russo and Inah, thanks for sticking with me through it all!

The Calubad family: Thank you Tita Michelle for your advice that leads to my best performance on stage. 

Shey Veridiano: Thank you Tita Shey for all your support and finding the supply for making washable face masks. Your endless help is appreciated.

Janaya Iverson & Bernie Iverson: Your love and support have always been there when I needed you. Thank you!

To my BEST Coach, Lisa Harrigan: Thank you so so much for dedicating your time and effort to help me prepare for the oncoming pageants. With your support, I was able to bring out the best in me. 

Derma World: For helping me nourish my skin, I am very thankful for everything you’ve done for me.

Abbey Valete: To my gown designer, thank you for bringing my design to life and creating the perfect gown.

To My Parents: The best supporters all around. You have been with me since day one and I appreciate that!!!!!! You’ve given me a reason to not give up and to be the best that I can be. All your love and support will always be with me, on or off stage. Thank you for being there.

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