Now that’s it’s #secondhandseptember I feel it’s a suitable time to share some of my favourite thrifted finds!

Sooo the first outfit I am going to feature is this @marciano dress I scored from a local thrift store 🌸

I loved all the colours so I had to get it 🤷🏼‍♀️

3 reasons why buying second hand is better for the earth than buying new.

1. Less clothing in landfills 🌍

About 11 million tons of clothing is thrown away in America every year.  In the 1950’s people spent about 20% of their income on clothes.

2. Less resources used and wasted ( duhhh )

3. Less pollution 🌱

Fact of the day “ about 90% of the cotton grown for textiles is genetically modified, meaning it is heavily reliant on pesticides.
Almost 20% if pesticides used worldwide is for use on cotton plants.  These chemicals contaminated nearby water supplies and acidity the soil “

Switching out some of our shopping to thrifting is a simple way to lessen our own carbon footprint and make a small step towards a healthier planet. 🌻🌻

-Miss Southern Alberta World 2020

Written by: Megan

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