Today was full of rehearsals! 

I had a bit of time in the morning to get ready till the rehearsals started around noon. Getting to meet and learn choreography from our instructors, Shawn and Hollywood, was such an honour. Making dances for big pageants like Miss World Canada takes patience and dedication. I am so grateful for them and taking their time teaching all of the delegates and being patient with us. The rehearsals turned out great and all the delegates seem to have all the routines figured out! All I can say is… the dance is wonderful and I cannot wait for everyone to see it!!

The next thing scheduled for tonight was talent. Though I hoped to watch everyone’s talent on stage because there’s no live broadcast of it, I know every delegate who participated did amazing! I hope the best for them!


Thank You to Revol Events for the pleasant dinner.


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Thank you to MWC for giving us all of the amazing merchandise!! 

Day 6 ended well!

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