My family and I have driven down to Edmonton and waiting to catch the flight to Toronto. 

I’ve been preparing myself and my things for this pageant for 7 months!!! That’s a lot. Preparing myself physically, mentally, and emotionally, I feel so ready for this coming week! But that’s not all that I’ve been preparing myself for, I use the quality of my time to focus on my skills to ensure my success. 

Going on the big stage, such as Miss World Canada, is nerve-wracking, but it’s very natural. I believe that only our mindset can determine our performance. So always think positive regardless of what happens. 

Every delegate came to compete here for a purpose. Stay positive and stand for what you believe in.

No matter what happens, at the end of the day, everyone is a winner.

Written by: Sophia
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Hello everyone!

So, the time is near! We are all getting ready to leave and begin this journey to Miss World Canada 2020/21. It has been a very eventful year that has challenged us all. Yet, during these times I have had some beautiful people enter my life and sponsors who have helped me on my journey.

In this case, I want to give my thanks to some specific people for the support they have given me.

First, I want to thank Michelle Weswaldi and MTC-W inc. for continuing this pageant, and all the sponsors that are on your team.

Secondly, I want to give my thanks to Sage Hill Bottle Depot here in Calgary. Thank you for letting me hold my bottle drive this summer. You helped me a lot with raising money for The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. Your kindness and warmth made it a joy to raise money.

To my mentors, you know who you are. I am so proud to have gotten the advice and help from you all. You all are amazing people within this industry and I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am to have you there teaching me the ropes. I am so grateful to you.

Thank you to Angeline and Val from Bells and Bows Bridal for the STUNNING gown, I am going to wear the heck out of that gown. That is a promise! You helped me buy the perfect dress… I can’t thank you enough. You are angels in disguise and I cannot thank you enough.

I would like to thank the support of the Mauritian Community here in Calgary. Your kind words and support have made me more and more ambitious to win this crown. I will bring it back to the association that taught me how to love volunteering and giving back to my community.

Thank you to my cousin Vellan, his friends and his company Breezy Bird. You guys have been so helpful and great to me. Thank you for letting me become an ambassador with your brand. If you all want a really good streetwear brand, check them out. Back to my main topic. You have been amazing and thank you so much.

Thank you to Wais Photography and your team. You taught me how to feel like a model and own my own beauty. I appreciated all the work you did with me this year. You’re an icon, and I will make sure to work those poses at  Miss World Canada.

Now for some individual Thank You’s.

To Chris and Anju, and family. Thank you. You have been such beautiful people in my life, and you continue to make life more stunning with your continuous love and support.

Thank you to my Aunty Vivianna, you are a God sent. Thank you for donating so much at all times, and for doing the alterations on my gowns. You seriously are the closest thing to an Aunty here.

To my Aunty Denise… You were one of the first people who listened to my Beauty with a purpose. Since I was a kid, you watched me grow and through my parents’ divorce, you made sure to help me and my brother out. Today, you have helped me set up the biggest project of my life thus far. I cannot be more thankful. You are helping me give back and make up for everything I went through in the last 10 years.

To Dana and Kae, thank you so much for letting me intern at Gasonic this year and for sponsoring me. You helped me learn more about the environment with your company, and you really helped me relearn my confidence. You guys were the first to hear about my abuse almost 2 years ago, and you have stood by my side. You are the smartest people I know, and every day when  I am with you, I am guaranteed to learn something new.

To my family friends and my actual Family. God, I cannot thank you enough. Everywhere I went, you all have looked me in the eye and gave me your support. You all have watched me grow, and heard stories. I am going to bring back this crown to honour each and every one of you. For every life lesson, you taught me, for every word of encouragement, and for every ounce of love you poured into me. Thank you.

Now, to my friends. Justice, Madison, Tesha and Sophia. My girls. God, you all are my true queens in my life! Every step of this way, I annoyed you all about my pageant stuff, but you listened. You guys are the true beauts who keep me humble, but you all are some of the most amazing women out there. You are the people who helped create this package.

Also to my special someone, Rafael. Thank you for being one of the girls. Since the day I met you, you rooted me on. Through all the tears and hardships, to making my workout plan. Thank you, especially when I had my slight freak outs. You have been my rock and I will tell you the rest later cause… Yeah.

Finally, to my family. Mom, Dad and Yasin. You guys are the reason I am here today. You have moulded me as a woman I cannot be ashamed of. You have made me the passionate, compassionate, smart, entertaining and down-to-earth woman I am today. We all have been through a lot, but we never lost who we are.Thank you, Dad, for teaching me how to be unstoppable. You taught me how to be intelligent and how to really sell myself. You are the person I always wanted to be like so thank you.To Yasin, my little brother. You have kept me in my lane since we were kids. I am very grateful to you for that. You made sure my ego was not too big, and that I wouldn’t fake my way through life. You taught me how to be genuine. It is the only way I want to exist now. Thank you.To my mom. Thank you. When I first signed up for Miss World Canada, I had nothing. I was at a very low point in my life, and I was just learning how to get back on my feet. You have been helping me prepare for this competition day in and day out. I couldn’t have gotten this far without your help. I deeply appreciate that. I will make you proud…


And…actually one more thank you…This will be weird, and a lot of people will think I am insane… to my abuser. After this Saturday, it will be 2 years since that night. I know you will never read this but, in a strange way… Thank you. You ruined my life at a time and tore me to pieces. Yet, you gave me the opportunity to revamp my life. I am not the same girl I was 4 years ago. I am way better. I am stronger, I am resilient, and I am chasing after a dream you told me was crazy. I have overcome so much in my life and you added another chapter to my story. I now have a chance to actually share that story too. Thank you for giving me another reason to fight for what I believe in because, in those disturbing moments, I knew very well my world had changed.



Thank you everyone for being on this journey of my life and towards the crown. I will make you all very proud. That is a promise.

Written by: Jasmine
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Will you stand against the slaughter of working donkeys?

Hundreds of thousands of donkeys are slaughtered for their skins and exported annually mostly from Africa.

Driven by demand from China, as skins are boiled to produce “Ejiao” a gelatin used in traditional Chinese medicine

Oftentimes donkeys are stolen from families that are living below the poverty line.  These families depend on them for work, and their livelihoods.

@thebrookecharity  is an international animal welfare Charity dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules.  They operate in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Brooke is calling for a global ban on trade of donkey skins and working to stop cross-boarder smuggling of donkeys for their skins.

Do you want to make a difference ? Sign the petition and help end the inhumane treatment of donkeys today.


-Miss Southern Alberta World 2020

Written by: Megan
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I hope everyone is doing well while staying safe and healthy during these hard times with the pandemic. Now I just want to update you all on what I’ve done during these pandemic crises.

Now ever since I’ve been crowned Miss Alberta World, I was completely eager to volunteer everywhere in my community, however, due to COVID-19, those volunteering days were postponed to a limited time. But that didn’t stop me to help others.

I’ve noticed that as the conditions of the pandemic were gradually getting worse, I’ve made a little project to make washable face masks for the safety of everyone. Firstly, I began to produce a FREE mask for front liners, seniors, and the homeless across Canada. At first, many people were not willingly accepting these washable masks due to their non-medical grade, but I kept going. A total of 1,810 pieces of the washable mask was distributed for FREE since the beginning of my journey for almost 2 months.








As time goes on, the need for masks are becoming mandatory in many areas and the shortage was becoming a problem. In June, I started to make an appearance at Joly’s Independent Grocer Store. As I am also an employee from the grocery store, I was given the opportunity to sell out masks in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation. Thanks to my Manager, Miss Ann, for letting me set up. From there, I’ve made an appearance once or twice a week in order to support the charity and to help my city stay safe.

Sharing the humble of giving a bag of rice to 310 less fortunate and homeless families in the Philippines. I sent my own donations to the Philippines in order to buy 20 sacks of rice. I’m so grateful to my family back home that they were able to make it happen and to distribute the rice on my behalf.


My heart is full of joy that I can help in a little way to needy families during this crisis COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though this year may have not to turn out the best as we’ve hoped, I still manage to find a way to help others.

We are only three weeks away before the National pageant. Stay safe and see you there!

Thank you,

Sophia D.

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Hello Everyone. Today, I refuse to update you about my life, successes, goals or challenges today. I am not going to tell you guys about my life stories, or sponsors or what I am doing in preparation for this competition.
Today, this post is about everyone. Whether you are a parent, a judge, an essential worker, a pageant girl, a sister, a hacker. I don’t care. This post today is for you.

Thank you…. Let me start off with a thank you. It has been such a difficult time. Since the beginning of the year, we have all held on to our seats, and have ridden this terrifying roller coaster which felt like life or death. The stresses and the stakes have been high for all of us. Yet we are still here. Yes, there has been people whom we have lost, and those who have been struggling, but we are all trying our hardest to stay strong. The key word is “TRYING”…there is an effort being made, and that alone is enough.
I want to say thank you to the essential workers and those on the front line who are aiding us in battling this pandemic. We all cannot imagine how it must be out there, but because of your bravery, after 9 months, you are the reason our society can function in some forms.
I want to take time to recognize those who have been helping with providing more hygienic resources during these times. With your help and talent, we are able to have proper hygiene practices as well as help with social distancing.
To the communities who are trying to uplift and support each and every person there, I want to thank you for your time.

We are now in a second wave of the pandemic. It really isn’t that pretty. There is a lot of factors, but we are smart enough to understand what we have to do.
We are not as ignorant as we believe. We have proof that it exists, and that it is affecting our world. BUT, we know exactly what we must do during these times.

Regarding this pageant, I want to share my gratitude with absolutely everyone.
From the executive directors, like Michelle Weswaldi, to our judges, sponsors, coaches and families. You all have all been putting in so much work. We are always on edge in hoping it happens regardless of this pandemic. You all are putting in so much effort in making your travels and maintaining your safety as well as your own families. So, I thank you personally. I cannot imagine the number of hours you all have been putting in for this. The multiple unanswered questions that surprisingly you all have been able to answer. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I know the pageant has not happened just yet; we are still on the road there. We are exactly 24 days, 13 hours and 38 minutes away! I just want to acknowledge and give my appreciation.
To all of you have been supporting all our delegates in these pageants. Thank you! You all must be putting your minds together in ensuring this to happen. Getting creative with ways in how we can make this work. It must be tiring at times, and you all must be on edge, trying to figure out the next moves at times, but you all are so appreciated.

To my gorgeous sisters and delegates for Miss World Canada 2020. You all have been my rock throughout quarantine. As life has paused you all have inspired me to move forward and become better. With the cute videos and projects, we have worked on together. With sharing stories and laughter. To the wonderful comments and video calls. I thank you for being my sisters at this point.

A little personal thank you to my community, family and friends. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me till this point in my life. Your support you have provided me not just with this pageant but before it, I want to give you my gratitude. Whether it’s been from lending an ear or helping me share my work. From giving me advice to reminding me I am still a regular person and I must forgive myself a bit more. Thank you. You all mean so much to me. So thank you, I love you.

I extend my gratitude to you. My readers. You are loved and appreciated at the end of the day. Whenever you feel down, remember you have been surviving a pandemic. Mistakes may happen in life, but remember (Especially since winter depression gets to a lot of us) you are enough. Everything you are doing is enough and you should be proud of yourself. You have stayed loyal to your people, you have been keeping your head up as much as you can.

I mainly just want to say. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for your time. What more can a person ask for.

Remember, at the end of the day, despite who you are, what your position is in society, how rich or poor you are… We are all human. We are not always going to be perfect, and we will always be trying to find solutions.
As humans, we have a thing called time. With time comes timing. It is what we choose to do with such time, that will benefit us in the end. We must be patient. Honestly as a person who is impatient, this year I have learned to be acquire that skill. Patience is what you need in the time of crisis. Take time to understand your situation, take time to care for yourself, and to enjoy every moment you have. Our world is always rushed now, we have to remember to take a moment to let everything soak in. So as I said earlier… just try, it is more than enough and it doesn’t hurt to do so.

As always. Stay strong, stay healthy, stay informed, and stay sexy.



Jasmine Elahee

Written by: Jasmine
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Now that’s it’s #secondhandseptember I feel it’s a suitable time to share some of my favourite thrifted finds!

Sooo the first outfit I am going to feature is this @marciano dress I scored from a local thrift store 🌸

I loved all the colours so I had to get it 🤷🏼‍♀️

3 reasons why buying second hand is better for the earth than buying new.

1. Less clothing in landfills 🌍

About 11 million tons of clothing is thrown away in America every year.  In the 1950’s people spent about 20% of their income on clothes.

2. Less resources used and wasted ( duhhh )

3. Less pollution 🌱

Fact of the day “ about 90% of the cotton grown for textiles is genetically modified, meaning it is heavily reliant on pesticides.
Almost 20% if pesticides used worldwide is for use on cotton plants.  These chemicals contaminated nearby water supplies and acidity the soil “

Switching out some of our shopping to thrifting is a simple way to lessen our own carbon footprint and make a small step towards a healthier planet. 🌻🌻

-Miss Southern Alberta World 2020

Written by: Megan
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A little bit about me…

My name is Megan Jagersma, I am 20 years old and from Coaldale Alberta. I am the current reigning Miss Southern Alberta World 2020, and eagerly looking forward to meeting everyone at the Miss World Canada 2020 Pageant this November.

The past year has been a chapter of growth. Being awarded the title Miss Southern Alberta 2019 was an opportunity I will cherish and hold my standards to forever. I have now obtained the current Miss Southern Alberta World 2020 title and I could not be more excited. Having a title, working with different organizations, public speaking and overall just being a pageant girl has given me so many memorable learning experiences and opportunities. I have found more confidence and happiness within myself, and I am eager to showcase my improvements on a national level. Having the chance to compete at Miss World Canada, will allow me to strengthen my stage and public speaking skills while sharing information about a cause very important to me, Animal Rights. I believe some issues are not spoken about enough. My objective is to protect animals while fighting different injustices such as animal testing, dog fighting, and irresponsible animal breeding in North America.

Alongside pageantry, modelling has been a big part of my life for the past 4 years. I have graced many major Canadian Runways such as Vancouver Fashion Week, Western Canada Fashion Week and have competed in different modelling conventions such as Top Model Search Canada and Faces West Vancouver. I travelled to Istanbul Turkey in the summer of 2019, where I worked on my first modelling contract. Travelling to a country so different from my own, opened my eyes to different cultures and lifestyles. This expanded my global perspective of not only the fashion industry and modelling but also our roles as individuals on such a small shared planet.


At the end of July, I was trained online by Canadian Supermodel Coco Rocha, where I learned the art of pose. I look forward to a 3 day long camp with Coco in February of 2021.

Subsequently. I used my regional title to volunteer and help out at some local events. This includes working the Calgary Stampede pancake breakfast and leading ponies, serving farmers on UFA agriculture day, taking part in the judging panel at the Claresholm Highschool Prom, and I modelling for some local designers in the Spring Fling Fashion show, put on in support of the Special Olympics.


Oftentimes I am in a photoshoot or prepping for a pageant. When I do have spare time, I enjoy occupying it by riding my mule for both our physical and mental fitness. With over 7 years of competitive equestrian experience, I try to squeeze a ride into my busy schedule at least once a week.

I also enjoy hiking in the mountains, travelling, up-cycling old furniture, collecting plants, eating cookie dough ice-cream and taking my pet goat Lenny for walks.

I have recently upgraded some courses online and would like to pursue a career in animal sciences. Since helping animals is a strong passion of mine, I would like to further my career by completing a veterinarian assistant course 2020-2021.

I will be a voice for the voiceless, and by competing at Miss World Canada, I will be able to do so on a greater level. I look forward to my first National Pageant and I am determined to showcase myself to the best of my ability.

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Hello everyone! If you do not know who I am by now, my name is Jasmine Elahee. I am your current Miss North Calgary World 2020. I am a Canadian citizen… But I also identify myself as a first-generation Mauritian-Canadian.

This is myself at Calgary City Hall for the Mauritian Independence.

I am a daughter to two full blooded Mauritians and I always celebrated my heritage.
For those who are unfamiliar with Mauritius, you may wonder… Where is this country? No, it is not Mauritania. It’s close to Madagascar, and yes is a nation of Africa. Also, I do not speak to animals.

My Dear Mauritius

Mauritius is the picturesque, beautiful Island off the east coast of Africa. Residing in the Indian Ocean. It is what Mark Twain had said “Inspired the heavens.” Mauritius does not have an indigenous population, but has been colonized by a variety of people, (Such as the Arabs, Dutch, English, and French). The population includes people of Indian, African, Chinese, European, Malagasy and Creole descent. It is roughly the size of Calgary, but contains hills, mountains, volcanoes, and plains. It is famously known for the Dodo bird, amazing cuisine (according to CNN), sugar cane, booze, and most importantly its lush environment and ecosystem. From the underwater waterfall off the coast of Le Morne, the Seven Coloured Earths in the Chamarel Plains, to the beautiful beaches and coral reefs. The Island of Mauritius is one of the few, uniquely biodiverse and rich Maine ecosystems left on Earth. Mauritius to me is not just my parents’ home country, but it is where the lineage of my people have lived for centuries.

As of recently, if you have not watched the news, Mauritius is in the middle of its worse catastrophe in its ecosystems. As of July 25, there was an oil spill off the south east coast of Mauritius near Mahebourg. A Japanese bulk carrier ship, called the Wakashio, had ran aground on a coral reef off the shore of the island, leaking 1,000 tones of 4,000 tons of fuel oil into the ocean. This had led the island to be put in a state of an ecological emergency. It was reported around August 6th, 2020, that the spill was detected a size of roughly 3.3 sq km surrounding the Wakashio. On the 11th, it was then reported the 10x increase around it, roughly detected to 27 sq km.
France has sent in a military aircraft with pollution control equipment from Reunion Island, as well as the Japanese sending in a 6 man team to aid the French. Since the spill, there has been more than 3,000 tonnes of oil pumped out and transferred to shore by helicopters, onto another ship by the same Japanese shipping firm. The people on the island itself are volunteering their efforts in hopes to restore the beaches along the southeast with a variety of strategies. The use of straw, sacks, tights and even hair are said to help absorb the oil out of the water. Greenpeace Africa has warned that thousands of animal species were at risk of drowning in a sea of pollution. They also noted that there would be dire consequences for the economy, food, security and health of Mauritius. It is also noted that locals are now breathing in heavy vapours from the oil.
Mauritius has already suffered enough as of recently with COVID-19. The island is known for its ecotourism. The island is a hot spot for many people world wide to visit. It is also one of its biggest incomes besides textiles, exports and fishing. With the halt of all travelling worldwide, it has already had a great effect on the economy. So for this to occur, the people of Mauritius are angered and saddened that one of their main attractions, the beaches and crystal blue oceans, is now polluted by the dark, slick oil.
As of the 16th, the ship has finally split in half.
Apparently, Mauritius had avoided a disaster that could have been 3 times worse, on the terms of taking action. The super-sensitive marine environment has avoided suffering an oil spill 3 times worse than it could have been. Yet, the damage that is already done is another thing.
The CEO of the shipping company in Japan has apologized profusely… but there is only so much an apology can do. The fact remains that this uniquely biodiversity-rich maine ecosystem- is one of the few left on this planet. It has now been polluted by nearly 1,000 tons of fuel.


What my heart feels…

Personally, this topic was really tough to sit on. Prior to the news, I remember seeing a video of this docked tank off the coast. It was concerning then, but I truly believed action would have to be taken place. A bunch of friends had reached out to me once the news had come out about it. I was truly in shock. Like many Mauritians, we were not too sure on what to expect. The beautiful oceans and beaches are one of the main things we Mauritians cherish. I always joke around with friends and family saying, if I wanted to travel somewhere just to stay on a resort, it would be a waste. I would rather be in Mauritius, along its beautiful, natural sandy beaches, and enjoy the stunningly, clear waters of the ocean.
I have been sitting around, listening and watching the news as I did not imagine this is how Mauritius would get its publicity… over something so heartbreaking and tragic. Especially near Mahebourg. I have heard stories from my parents on how they used to go there as youngsters to enjoy. It is one of the most beautiful areas on the island. You hear songs about it. That is how beautiful it is. How can we be so reckless with such environmentally harmful substance in our world?
But this topic on Oil vs. Environment is conflicted in my heart.
I am an Albertan, and I understand the importance of the Oil and Gas businesses here. It is important for our economy. Even though we understand how dangerous either transporting or burning it is. it is still a vital part to our portion of the economy in Canada. As technology evolves, we currently still rely on fuel until another option is to become available and affordable worldwide. Yet, when these tragedies like these oil spills occur, most of us can agree that this is why we are against it. The damages dealt to the ecosystem because of material.
I have recently been interning at a safety equipment supplier in Calgary. Specializing in pollution and air quality. Unlike many other safety equipment suppliers, they take a really big emphasis on Clean Air. They do not just supply detectors, but they advocate on ways we can make a difference in our city.
They are also Mauritian. We have constantly had this talk on pollution and how it effects our world today. As Mauritians, the founder has expressed to me how the difference of air quality in Mauritius to Canada are very different. Calgary being one of the cities which has a slightly lower rate of air pollution across Canada than most. There is still a thickness that cannot truly be described in comparison to the air quality in Mauritius.
When we think of pollution today, we know it is present. It is something my generation and generations after will have to resolve. It is in our air, and on our grounds. In places like Mauritius, though crowded, they have found ways to maintain their island. There has already been issues with the sands reseeding overtime, but to have an oil spill this drastic really does leave its mark.
One thing I can personally note is that I have been fortunate enough to experience the beautiful ecosystems of both countries. It is one factor I really do appreciate about both the . Canada with its beautiful mountain regions, and plains. The gorgeous coasts, and frosty territories. Our grand lakes and rolling hills. To the epic badlands of Alberta. Canada is an ecological phenomenon of its own. We have our forest fires, and our floods. We have seen what spills can do. So what can we do to help such a beautiful country and its environment?


As Canadians and people abroad, you can help by donating to this crowdfund. The goal is to reach 17,000,000 Mauritian Rupees.

If you’re Mauritian Canadian (or not) there is a facebook page I encourage you to join to help with this matter. Search up WAKASHIO- Oil Spill- Canada on Facebook!

Help join the fight. Save Mauritius Reefs!



Song of the Day:

On behalf of this event, here is my favourite Mauritian Sega.


Mahebourg by Zulu


If you want to keep updated, follow:
@savemauritiusreef on Instagram.

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Hello my dearest kings and queens!

It is lovely to be back and better!
You may be wondering, “Jasmine, what have you been up to?” (and if that isn’t a question for you… well that’s cool, you better start tuning in now!)
I have started a fun little project for myself during this quarantine! As of lately we can all tell that we are experiencing some wanderlust. In my heart I have always dreamed of travelling the world, learning about new cultures, histories, spiritual practices and people. Especially to also learn about the interesting and diverse cuisine in our world. One of my multiple dreams is to have a show like the late Anthony Bourdain and travel the world. To experience the world really.
I always believed that food is THE way to touching ones soul. It connects us in some of the most beautiful ways. Whether its with family, friends, community, or even when you are alone. Eating food, especially food from back home, it gives us a chance to connect with our roots and understand the history. So what is it that I have created?

I have created a project for myself, and those who want to participate in a thing I like to call, “The Weekly Wonders of the World”.

It revolves around finding ways to experience and learn about cultures at home. Learning about a variety of cultures in today’s day and age is not difficult. We have the internet so I like to take advantage on educating myself about others.
I have created a jar filled with 200 popsicle sticks. It includes all 195 countries around the world, as well as a couple prompts to make things interesting.
Once a week, or twice a month, I will pull out a popsicle stick at random. The country that I have selected will then be the country I learn about that week. I will be documenting everything on what I have learned. Whether it is about their language, history, and their culture. But my main challenge will be to learn how to make an authentic dish (well as authentic as it can get).
I, for one, am not really the best cook. I can make a bomb red sauce, and I enjoy making my 떡볶이(Korean Spicy Rice Cakes), but I want to learn some more interesting dishes to add into my cook book.

I am not only using this as a project to help myself, and my community grow in terms of how open minded we are, but I am hoping I can use this as a way to promote love for diversity. In a world like today, we are exposed to so many beautiful backgrounds and we should truly celebrate each and every one of them. I want to use this as an opportunity to educate and be open to learning more. It doesn’t hurt to have extra, accurate information stored in the back of your brain. On top of that, I am trying to pass down this jar to my kids. I want my future children to be able to learn about the world in more ways than one. To not judge or bully a kid for having more traditional food in their lunch boxes. I believe this can be a fun way to bond with family as well as learn about the world in an authentic and genuine matter.
I mean of course, this will have to avoid a lot of cultural appropriation. This is more about cultural appreciation.
When it comes down to what we can do to achieve more unison and peace in our society, we should learn to respect and appreciate everyone’s differences. We all will never be able to see things the same way, but if we can expand our minds, we can make progress.

Anyhow! My first country of the week is Samoa! I am looking forward to learning more! So far I’ve picked up on a few phrases, and I have been checking out some yummy dishes! (as you can check down below)

We will see how this goes, and if I truly fail… Or will success happen????Dun.. dun…dunnnnnnnn
You can follow me on @presti_gexix on Instagram, and follow the journey! If you have any input in how I can improve on this project, please leave a comment down below! Also If you want to try this out with me, dm me, or follow the hashtag #wwwwj (Weekly Wonders of the World with Jasmine)! Let me know if I should also start creating or selling these kits for them!

Fa’afetai ma Manuia le aso! Ou te alofa ia te oe !Tofa





AALIYAH by Velody, Benny Vee and Kid Stally (AKA Mr. World Tonga 2019)

Written by: Jasmine
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Hi loves! It’s been so crazy and hectic with everything that is going on in the world. But I am happy to see that more and more people are educated about the virus and taking precautions to prevent it from spreading to other people, especially the elderly and children 😷

At the same time, social-distancing has prevented us from going to school, work, gym, etc. From time to time, my fellow pageant queens and I have discussions on how to stay busy and productive during this pandemic. Today I’m excited to share some of my findings and learnings from my peers.

i. On-line Classes & Certifications

One of my favorite things to do is to learn new things. In the past, I have been certified professionally as a project manager, IT service management practitioner, and even as a registered yoga teacher! 🧘🏻‍♀️ Not only are there inexpensive online classes you can take on websites such as LinkedIn Learning and Udemy, we can also take advantage of guide books and self-study groups. When I was applying for college, I went to several forums to find like-minded high school peers to study with virtually, and I have remained friends with almost all of them! The best thing about getting certified is that once the pandemic is over, you will be one of the top candidates for most jobs you apply to. So why wait when you have all the free time in the world? 😉

ii. Home Workouts

As a pageant girl, I am always looking for ways to stay healthy and improve my fitness routine. Since almost all gyms are closed, I have to be more creative in home workouts, especially on a yoga mat. I have to admit, that at first, it was a struggle to avoid kicking my furniture (I live in a studio) and keep noise level to a minimum. Since I have done yoga for many years before COVID, it is easier for me to get back into the habit. For those that are just starting to work out on a mat, I recommend watching lots of YouTube videos, and figuring out your own pace and frequency. A lot of my coworkers have suggested at-home workout machines such as Peloton. 🚲 They seem to have helped them achieve the workouts they need, but they can be an expensive long-term investment.

iii. Remote Jobs

One of my first jobs is actually being a high school tutor! I tutored 2 kids in middle school and absolutely enjoyed the experience. Being at home does not mean you can’t get some extra $$ tutoring students, or even teaching a music instrument! In fact, I’m currently take guitar 🎸classes online, and with technology, it’s never been easier to pick up an instrument at the comfort of your own home. Most of time, you don’t even need a fancy laptop; an iPad or even a smart phone will suffice. As schools are closed, more and more students will be stuck at home, with more free time to learn and explore online. Before you start watching Netflix and sleeping your days away, get online, spread your knowledge, and get paid! 💻

Voila! I hope you find these tips helpful. Don’t forget to follow us on social media. 👇🏻Whether you are a pageant girl or not, feel free to reach out and let me know if you have feedback on my blogs. 👑 As always, stay safe and stay tuned for my next post!

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