The day has come and the finals are here. Ever since joining Miss World Canada from the provincial pageant now, I’ve dedicated so much time to prep myself and to put the best version of myself on the stage.

In the morning we’ve prepared ourselves to get our makeup and hair done. Afterward, we got onto the bus and headed to the venue where the finals would be held live. All afternoon, we’ve been rehearsing through our opening number and swimsuit dance. It was a rough time getting through our dance at first, but we were able to make it good as possible just before life began. 

My honest thoughts and feelings before the live started were excitement! I was not nervous one bit. I was contented with any outcome. 

As the live show began, I put all my effort into perfecting the dance to open up the pageant. It was a lot of work in the beginning, but it certainly paid off for the actual performance. 

Now the Top 20 was called onto the stage, and I was shocked and happy that I was called! Just being in Top 20 tells me that I did have the potential to win. 

Next was a swimwear walk. At first, my entrance was okay and then I had a slip up with my turn but I recovered. And throughout the rest of the routine was fun and a bit nerve-wracking with the many judges at the table.

As they called onto Top 15, I, unfortunately, didn’t make it. I was absolutely okay with that because I never expected to get this far. 

The rest of the night was quite exciting! Everyone was waiting for the moment of the crowning and I was full of joy for those who advance to Top 8! 

And as the questions were asked for each of the delegates, I was proud that they made it through. The questions were long, hard, and very involved with everything going on in the world. 

Everyone had to come back to the stage for the awards. Congratulations to the 7 ladies who were rewarded with 8 awards.

Miss Congeniality= Jasmine Elahee 

Miss Fashion Model/Fitness- Sara Winter

Top Fundraiser= Kaitlyn Li

Talent= Cierra Johnson 

Beauty With A Purpose= Katherine Leblanc

Head to Head Challenge= Aiona Santana

People’s Choice Award= Abril Closs

These winners really did deserve the awards given to them. It reflects all the work they’ve gone through. 

Last but not least, the anticipation was on when the crowning moment came. Everyone was hyped up! They started calling out for the runner ups:

4th Princess =Laura Pastor

3rd Princess =Kaitlyn Li

2nd Princess =Sasha Lombardi 

1st Princess =Sara Winter

And finally the Winner of Miss World Canada… is Svetlana Mamaeva. 

I am so proud of each of the winners and to every single delegate who competed! I am also very proud of myself for getting this far and for all the work and effort I’ve put through. 

A HUGE thank to my coach, Lisa for your patience and dedication to helping me prepare for Miss World Canada! I have seen growth in my abilities and confidence in my weakest point. I cannot wait to work with you again in the future. 

A BIG SHOUT OUT to MWC and to the director, Michelle. You have done such great work to give out a full pageant experience despite the restrictions we had due to the pandemic. I assure you, that this pageant will be one of the memories that will last forever. Not only to me but to everyone! Thank you for your dedication and time and I look forward to seeing you again in the future!

One last thing. Everyone really shined throughout the week and competition! I hope that we can see each other again. And REMEMBER, in the end, we’re all winners.

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