Hello my dearest kings and queens!

It is lovely to be back and better!
You may be wondering, “Jasmine, what have you been up to?” (and if that isn’t a question for you… well that’s cool, you better start tuning in now!)
I have started a fun little project for myself during this quarantine! As of lately we can all tell that we are experiencing some wanderlust. In my heart I have always dreamed of travelling the world, learning about new cultures, histories, spiritual practices and people. Especially to also learn about the interesting and diverse cuisine in our world. One of my multiple dreams is to have a show like the late Anthony Bourdain and travel the world. To experience the world really.
I always believed that food is THE way to touching ones soul. It connects us in some of the most beautiful ways. Whether its with family, friends, community, or even when you are alone. Eating food, especially food from back home, it gives us a chance to connect with our roots and understand the history. So what is it that I have created?

I have created a project for myself, and those who want to participate in a thing I like to call, “The Weekly Wonders of the World”.

It revolves around finding ways to experience and learn about cultures at home. Learning about a variety of cultures in today’s day and age is not difficult. We have the internet so I like to take advantage on educating myself about others.
I have created a jar filled with 200 popsicle sticks. It includes all 195 countries around the world, as well as a couple prompts to make things interesting.
Once a week, or twice a month, I will pull out a popsicle stick at random. The country that I have selected will then be the country I learn about that week. I will be documenting everything on what I have learned. Whether it is about their language, history, and their culture. But my main challenge will be to learn how to make an authentic dish (well as authentic as it can get).
I, for one, am not really the best cook. I can make a bomb red sauce, and I enjoy making my 떡볶이(Korean Spicy Rice Cakes), but I want to learn some more interesting dishes to add into my cook book.

I am not only using this as a project to help myself, and my community grow in terms of how open minded we are, but I am hoping I can use this as a way to promote love for diversity. In a world like today, we are exposed to so many beautiful backgrounds and we should truly celebrate each and every one of them. I want to use this as an opportunity to educate and be open to learning more. It doesn’t hurt to have extra, accurate information stored in the back of your brain. On top of that, I am trying to pass down this jar to my kids. I want my future children to be able to learn about the world in more ways than one. To not judge or bully a kid for having more traditional food in their lunch boxes. I believe this can be a fun way to bond with family as well as learn about the world in an authentic and genuine matter.
I mean of course, this will have to avoid a lot of cultural appropriation. This is more about cultural appreciation.
When it comes down to what we can do to achieve more unison and peace in our society, we should learn to respect and appreciate everyone’s differences. We all will never be able to see things the same way, but if we can expand our minds, we can make progress.

Anyhow! My first country of the week is Samoa! I am looking forward to learning more! So far I’ve picked up on a few phrases, and I have been checking out some yummy dishes! (as you can check down below)

We will see how this goes, and if I truly fail… Or will success happen????Dun.. dun…dunnnnnnnn
You can follow me on @presti_gexix on Instagram, and follow the journey! If you have any input in how I can improve on this project, please leave a comment down below! Also If you want to try this out with me, dm me, or follow the hashtag #wwwwj (Weekly Wonders of the World with Jasmine)! Let me know if I should also start creating or selling these kits for them!

Fa’afetai ma Manuia le aso! Ou te alofa ia te oe !Tofa





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