A big hello and welcome to all my sexy, beautiful people out there! My name is Jasmine Elahee! Let me get a bit comfy with all of you and give a deep dive and scoop on who I am! Grab a refreshment and lets embark on this journey together.

The Backstory

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I am a 21 (22 in a couple of days ehe) year old woman from Calgary! I was blessed to have compete and gain my position amongst the Top 5 for Miss Alberta world! I have to admit… That was an epic moment for me and all my loved ones.

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta. I am a first generation Mauritian Canadian, and I take pride in both my country and my heritage. I was blessed to have been born into a MASSIVE (and I mean massive people) family. They are spread world wide, but they are the most magnificent and beautiful people in my life. Probably my biggest inspiration too.

Currently I am a student at Mount Royal University who is majoring in Anthropology and Communications. I can be described as a very curious person on topics of cultures, history, philosophy and languages (thus the anthropology major). I spend my free time doing research and studies on Religions. (I like to dork out over classic studies)

If you are curious about my hobbies and interests.. Lemme tell you… It almost seems like I have a ton of free time, but truly.. I am just too curious for my own good!

I was born to be a dancer. My mother always reminds me, when she went to go watch Titanic for the first time in theatres with my father, Celine Dion’s “My heart will go on” . While she was enjoying that beautiful scene, I was busy waltzing in the womb.

For real though, I was always a dancer. When I was a wee child, my parents made sure I had a taste of everything. (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD). So I performed Bharatnatyam as a toddler, then I took hip hop with my brother. I found a deep passion for hip hop, but due to a series of unfortunate events I had to stop. I ended up teaching myself how to dance for years, and I had to admit… I wasn’t half bad haha. In middle school, I pushed hard to teach myself how to dance with a variety of styles within the hip hop genre, due to an audition I was supposed to attend. In that mean time, I taught myself Korean and taught myself how to sing and dance.

I created this dance in high school.. And I have to admit. I was super proud of it.

I found my niche in learning other languages, and spent a lot of time studying history in order to improve my ability to learn quicker. I spend a lot of time emerging myself in others cultures and enjoying global entertainment.

I also was fortunate to have my parents be obsessed with travelling. I have met so many wonderful people around the world, and it has given me so much inspiration in life. To experience and appreciate a wide spread of people, cultures and history. I am also a huge foodie. I love trying new foods, also a guilty pleasure in ways.

I have a very artistic bloodline. I learned to love music, drawing and painting through my family and friends. My dad’s side of the family are a bunch of talented musicians, while my moms side has an eye for aesthetics. My brother and I spend hours discussing music and film, as we are obsessed with the depth those have put into the entertainment world.

As a child I was also a major tomboy. I took joy in wrestling and soccer. I found a fascination with video games, comic books, and action movies. It was such a profound passion of mine, that 2 years ago, I began my passion project for creating my own comic series. (It is yet to be released, but it has to be perfect!). That also means, I never would have imagined I was going to go for a pageant. Like… Ever…

On a more personal note, my life … Has been very fruitful with experiences. There was many events in my lifetime that occurred, but made me into the person I am. I also volunteer alongside Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter. Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse is a common thing me and my loved ones share in experience. I spend my time helping those to give back to the community that helped my family and friends in those difficult times. I have also spent my time volunteering by feeding the homeless, and within a variety of cultural groups, mainly CMCA. I also volunteer with the Hip Hop Community within Calgary too! The amazing talent and community is hard to avoid.


So, as I mentioned before. Never thought I would do a pageant. It was not until spring of 2019 when I began following my first one. It was Mister World 2019. I was super curious, because I never thought there was a male pageant!(I know.. I am like Partick Star from Spongebob. I live under a rock apparently!) So throughout the year, I followed one specific mister world, I won’t name names, but it lead me to following each and every other contestants by the time Mr. World was to occur in August. I was more than honoured to actually converse with the gentlemen throughout the competition, and I have to admit… They were super humble! Because of their humility, it lead me to grow more curious in the pageant world. I was on vacation around that time, and because of the people around me, and the great support from a variety of the Mr World contestants.. I applied for Miss World Canada 2020… And lemme tell you!.. I had so many regrets at first. 2019 was a year for me to really build myself. (If you want to know the full story, check out prestigexix.tumblr.com) It’s a long story.

So Miss World Alberta 2020 was my first pageant. It took a lot of preparation, and a whole lot of nerves before it started. The moment the actual competition began, I was beyond ecstatic. I met some of the most beautiful people with souls of gold! I mean, with a girl like myself throwing out pop culture references as if I were Spiderman and not get judged? Yeah, those girls were super amazing! I couldn’t have been more proud of those women. I was so nervous at first, and I felt bad because I was missing my brothers birthday, but my family stuck right behind me and supported me in this pageant.

So when I was on stage during the crowning and they had called my number for making the raising the most amount of money for Cardiac Kids.. Not gonna lie, It was the first time I forgot my number thoughout the whole weekend! I was shocked! I felt the tears well up in my eyes, and my heart felt like it had stopped! Even now! I still look at my crown and think “Woah.. I am going to nationals!? Are you kidding!?”. What a magical moment. I truly could not have made it this far without the love and support of my massive family worldwide, my community in Calgary, and my dearest friends.

So what now? What have I been doing?

So far, I had signed up for multiple events! I wanted to go and celebrate the beautiful cultures and collectives of Canada. A week after my crowning, I got to stand in city hall with my beautiful crown, and celebrate the Mauritian Independence. Being a Canadian means we can celebrate our identities freely but in unison. It was such an honour to watch my communities eyes glisten and marvel at the crown. I am an average woman, but I know I will make my people proud. BUT! …there is a but… With the unfavourable circumstances my plans were cancelled. I mean, we all know how it feels, but we have to keep our head up! STAY STRONG EVERYONE ! <3


So my beauty with a purpose, which many people have been curious about is one that speaks loudly to me. Yes, I want to use my platform to celebrate people and culture, but my passion project is to advocate, raise awareness and create program for domestic violence and sexual abuse. As I mentioned earlier, it is a topic that is close to home. I am hoping I can teach young adults and students on how they can help or what they can do when these tough scenarios occur. Many people know it happens, and with projects like #MeToo and the Joyful Heart foundation it has raised awareness. I want to teach people how to identify a problem, to give real resources when people need it and to teach the difference between a healthy and a toxic relationship. To also help those find ways to relieve stress to avoid those types of situations. When my loved ones, or even myself needed that help, it was initially very hard to find those tools. I believe that every person should have access, not only for themselves, or their loved ones. I want people to be able to build a community to truly help those when they are too scared to find that help.

Well I hope that wasn’t too much to read ^^;

That is the insight on me, I mean it is quite brief, but I promise that you will learn more along the way. I also want to give a great big thank you to each and every person who had followed my journey thus far. Thank you to those who shared, donated and voted for me! I promise I will not let you down. Once again, I could have not done it without you all. You all are loved and are amazing.

To my newest readers, thank you for taking you time out of your day, and I hope you follow my journey! Follow me on all my socials, por favor! They will most likely be linked soon. But here!

Twitter and Instagram: @presti_gexix

Also! Here’s my song of the day! Just for fun!

Yeah! Let’s get that fun woman empowerment!

Follow our facebook page! Let the journey begin! <3 Sending the warmest of hugs! Stay safe, and Lots of Love xoxo

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