I hope everyone is doing well while staying safe and healthy during these hard times with the pandemic. Now I just want to update you all on what I’ve done during these pandemic crises.

Now ever since I’ve been crowned Miss Alberta World, I was completely eager to volunteer everywhere in my community, however, due to COVID-19, those volunteering days were postponed to a limited time. But that didn’t stop me to help others.

I’ve noticed that as the conditions of the pandemic were gradually getting worse, I’ve made a little project to make washable face masks for the safety of everyone. Firstly, I began to produce a FREE mask for front liners, seniors, and the homeless across Canada. At first, many people were not willingly accepting these washable masks due to their non-medical grade, but I kept going. A total of 1,810 pieces of the washable mask was distributed for FREE since the beginning of my journey for almost 2 months.








As time goes on, the need for masks are becoming mandatory in many areas and the shortage was becoming a problem. In June, I started to make an appearance at Joly’s Independent Grocer Store. As I am also an employee from the grocery store, I was given the opportunity to sell out masks in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation. Thanks to my Manager, Miss Ann, for letting me set up. From there, I’ve made an appearance once or twice a week in order to support the charity and to help my city stay safe.

Sharing the humble of giving a bag of rice to 310 less fortunate and homeless families in the Philippines. I sent my own donations to the Philippines in order to buy 20 sacks of rice. I’m so grateful to my family back home that they were able to make it happen and to distribute the rice on my behalf.


My heart is full of joy that I can help in a little way to needy families during this crisis COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though this year may have not to turn out the best as we’ve hoped, I still manage to find a way to help others.

We are only three weeks away before the National pageant. Stay safe and see you there!

Thank you,

Sophia D.

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