It is Day 3, and it is just about to begin. I shouldn’t be saying this, but honestly, I am feeling a bit homesick.

Normally I would be travelling with my family, and it feels odd to not have them around. I do miss my family that is for sure.

So how have I decided to make myself feel a bit more at home???

Let me give you my tips and tricks on how I have been combatting it!

Firstly, I bring my journal with me, so I can feel safer. When I begin to stress out, or I need to just tune out and find some comfort, I pull it out. For myself, if I do not have time (much like this week), I will put it in my lap at least and think about positive stuff. It sounds ridiculous honestly, but for me, this helps. It lets me feel as though the feelings I must put aside are doing so.

Secondly, I pack my favourites. I know some people can be a bit afraid of bringing something that they like on a trip because they do not want to lose it. For myself, if I have my favourite things, I feel a bit more at home and my confidence feels stronger. I can only be my best if I have my best things. For example, my perfume. I cannot go anywhere without my perfume. Also, it acts like aromatherapy for myself.

Thirdly, practice self-care. Do not skip steps in your specific routines, and do not push yourself when you know you can’t be pushed. One key thing is to take care of yourself and ensure you are at your best. So, take that time to stretch out, kick your heels off and to relax. When effort is being a constant, the moment you have downtime, release yourself from the pressure and let your body be.

The next thing is while you’re on your trip, whether it is business or a vacation, do the things that make you happy. This week I know I am going to be put up against a ton of challenges and of course, I am fighting to win, but the major thing that makes me happy is a meaningful conversation. While the women stroll up and down the halls, while the employees are doing their job, while the team is working with us, I am sure to treat everyone with respect. Having a meaningful conversation with anyone makes my world feel brighter. It can be about anything, but I have taken my opportunities to converse with as many women as I can. Of course, I am interested in what they have to say, but it also makes me feel less lonely. DO things that will make you feel at peace or fulfilled. It makes all the difference.

The girls have watched out for me and my health, and they are starting to feel like my own cousins and family. I appreciate that and enjoy that greatly. So, thank you MTC-W Inc. You have recruited some amazing women per usual, and girls who make an excellent team.

Thank you to my wonderful sisters for also being by my side. I love you all.


Lastly, stay in touch. Even if you can sneak in a good morning or good night, acknowledge the people you miss, and take a moment to appreciate them.


Also, today is Miss World Canada’s first Head-to-Head Challenge! Starting at 10:30 est on Instagram or Facebook. It will be hosted by the amazing Frankie Cena, also known as, Mr. World Canada 2012! I am pumped to meet him and to have this challenge begin. So stay tuned!

Written by: Jasmine

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