Hello My beautiful people! How’s it going?

So let’s get you into the meet of what has been going on since we set foot into the dome that is Miss World Canada 2020!

I flew in at the beautiful 7:30 am from Calgary, Alberta. Took off with the beautiful sunrise that shone brightly over my city. I was a bit nervous not going to lie. It is my first time flying somewhere without my family or even spending time with my family or family friends. So, flying in I was slightly filled with anxiety and I tried to distract myself by reading, but for a good hour, I was really anxious. After, I started feeling a bit more at ease. The girls whom I have been in contact with had kept me busy. Once we started reaching the Toronto area since it was my first time the first words to come out of my mouth was “WHY IS IT SO BIG!?!?”.

Calgary is a decently sized city to me, but TORONTO! oh my goodness…

MOVING ON! My beautiful cousin came to pick me up and drove me to our location, and I may or may have not stopped by to grab some Curry Goat… It is delicious I have to admit. I feel as though if you come to the Ontario area, you have to take advantage and experience the culture that is present here. Since Toronto is diverse, I wanted to take a moment to get some good food.

Once I got to the place, I waited, had a lovely conversation with a guest, and waited for the beauty queens to stroll in. One by one, they arrived, and my little golden retriever heart started thumping. From the women, I have been chatting with since February to those who I have finally gotten the chance of meeting, and even the more experienced MUC candidates. Wow, it was an absolute honour.

After a while, we got checked in and first things first… I got lucky. My roommate is the wonderful…the gorgeous, the splendid… MATTEA~ HENDERSON~! *insert audience applauding*. We got to settle in nicely, got our stuff ready for the following day. With the COVID situation, I had to throw myself into the washroom immediately because… We are hygienic people, and we have to do what will protect us best.

We did our sweet little orientation through Zoom, and got to get to know about what was going on a little bit more. But overall the day was tamed.




Early morning! 6:30 am on the dot, Mattea and I threw on the kettle and began our day! It was photoshoots, and video shoots and some beautiful make-up and hair to be done.

Honestly, it was such an interesting environment. The girls kept passing by in their groups, and I was in awe. We all got to chat a bit more, but once again, it was tamed.

I have to say thank you to the whole crew right now. To Tonos Cosmetics, you all made me feel extra beautiful today. I am very hesitant to wash my face right now, I am so happy with the results.

To Erwin, thank you so much for the photos! I can’t wait for these photos to come out. I just feel absolutely edgy, but sexy. It was fantastic.

The lovely videographer Genesis, thank you for the opportunity to record our video introductions. It was an absolute blast, and you made me feel extra comfortable with speaking in front of a camera!

Lastly, thank you to Uber eats and Pan Pan Noodles! Just ending off our day so far with some delicious food, and boy oh boy I am satisfied.

The first two days have been a success, only for the challenge to BEGIN! As troy bolton would have said. “Gotta getcha getcha getcha head in the game!”

Also, shout out to our chaperones, you all were amazing! I am having a blast, I mean besides the slight homesickness, I think I will get over it by tomorrow.

We have so much more to come, so stick around and follow us all!


Love you all <3

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