The day has come and the finals are here. Ever since joining Miss World Canada from the provincial pageant now, I’ve dedicated so much time to prep myself and to put the best version of myself on the stage.

In the morning we’ve prepared ourselves to get our makeup and hair done. Afterward, we got onto the bus and headed to the venue where the finals would be held live. All afternoon, we’ve been rehearsing through our opening number and swimsuit dance. It was a rough time getting through our dance at first, but we were able to make it good as possible just before life began. 

My honest thoughts and feelings before the live started were excitement! I was not nervous one bit. I was contented with any outcome. 

As the live show began, I put all my effort into perfecting the dance to open up the pageant. It was a lot of work in the beginning, but it certainly paid off for the actual performance. 

Now the Top 20 was called onto the stage, and I was shocked and happy that I was called! Just being in Top 20 tells me that I did have the potential to win. 

Next was a swimwear walk. At first, my entrance was okay and then I had a slip up with my turn but I recovered. And throughout the rest of the routine was fun and a bit nerve-wracking with the many judges at the table.

As they called onto Top 15, I, unfortunately, didn’t make it. I was absolutely okay with that because I never expected to get this far. 

The rest of the night was quite exciting! Everyone was waiting for the moment of the crowning and I was full of joy for those who advance to Top 8! 

And as the questions were asked for each of the delegates, I was proud that they made it through. The questions were long, hard, and very involved with everything going on in the world. 

Everyone had to come back to the stage for the awards. Congratulations to the 7 ladies who were rewarded with 8 awards.

Miss Congeniality= Jasmine Elahee 

Miss Fashion Model/Fitness- Sara Winter

Top Fundraiser= Kaitlyn Li

Talent= Cierra Johnson 

Beauty With A Purpose= Katherine Leblanc

Head to Head Challenge= Aiona Santana

People’s Choice Award= Abril Closs

These winners really did deserve the awards given to them. It reflects all the work they’ve gone through. 

Last but not least, the anticipation was on when the crowning moment came. Everyone was hyped up! They started calling out for the runner ups:

4th Princess =Laura Pastor

3rd Princess =Kaitlyn Li

2nd Princess =Sasha Lombardi 

1st Princess =Sara Winter

And finally the Winner of Miss World Canada… is Svetlana Mamaeva. 

I am so proud of each of the winners and to every single delegate who competed! I am also very proud of myself for getting this far and for all the work and effort I’ve put through. 

A HUGE thank to my coach, Lisa for your patience and dedication to helping me prepare for Miss World Canada! I have seen growth in my abilities and confidence in my weakest point. I cannot wait to work with you again in the future. 

A BIG SHOUT OUT to MWC and to the director, Michelle. You have done such great work to give out a full pageant experience despite the restrictions we had due to the pandemic. I assure you, that this pageant will be one of the memories that will last forever. Not only to me but to everyone! Thank you for your dedication and time and I look forward to seeing you again in the future!

One last thing. Everyone really shined throughout the week and competition! I hope that we can see each other again. And REMEMBER, in the end, we’re all winners.

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Today was full of rehearsals! 

I had a bit of time in the morning to get ready till the rehearsals started around noon. Getting to meet and learn choreography from our instructors, Shawn and Hollywood, was such an honour. Making dances for big pageants like Miss World Canada takes patience and dedication. I am so grateful for them and taking their time teaching all of the delegates and being patient with us. The rehearsals turned out great and all the delegates seem to have all the routines figured out! All I can say is… the dance is wonderful and I cannot wait for everyone to see it!!

The next thing scheduled for tonight was talent. Though I hoped to watch everyone’s talent on stage because there’s no live broadcast of it, I know every delegate who participated did amazing! I hope the best for them!


Thank You to Revol Events for the pleasant dinner.


Website Link:

Thank you to MWC for giving us all of the amazing merchandise!! 

Day 6 ended well!

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Right from the morning, I had to meet up with the Miss World Canada makeup and hairstylist! They are such a great bunch and I thank them for doing my hair and makeup for me! Next was photoshoots for our gowns and swimsuit! And that was really fun to do! We also used a fan for effects and my hair was flying everywhere but I hope the pictures turn out great!!


Then the next task was the interview. The most nerve-wracking part of the pageant for me! However, as I got into the room, the nervousness I had was all gone and I think the interviews went pretty well. The 3-minute interview passed by really fast that I got surprised by the timer. Overall, I had a great time talking to the judges in the interview.

Now we have preliminary! It turned out fabulous, amazing, and dazzling! First, we had swimwear, then our evening gown and finally the fashion show!! Even though I was the first one to walk on the stage, I was able to execute my performance well and took my time!! This night was one of the memorable moments as every contestant was shinning throughout the preliminary! 

It doesn’t end there, after the preliminary, we were given a treat from Box’d by Paramount again for dinner! Thank you so much #BoxdbyParamount

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A big thank you to Shawn, our choreographer, who brought us back to our basic steps in order to perform greatly on the preliminary stage. It is truly wonderful how creative we can get with technology to learn together despite the pandemic restrictions. We also had the chance to walk through the routines as a group outside in the cold. It was very chilly, but the best part about being outside is the encouragement and the excitement we have for every girl walking as if she was on stage!

Afterward, there also Fitness Testing. My group was called down and I was excited! When the fitness test began, I felt great, but by the end of it, I could not lift my arms properly. We had to do pushups, burpees, and a plank. It was a workout alright! Thanks to the trainer, Markus Rosenberg for this challenge! You were awesome and I’m delighted to have met you! 

Overall, I pushed through the fitness while encouraging others to push themselves as well! I love the moments when we, as delegates push each other and be each other’s cheerleaders. It really means that we’re not only here to compete but to also make memories and lasting friendships.

Last but not least, after our workout, we were given a treat from Box’d by Paramount!! What delicious dinner after the fitness test! Thank you so much #BoxdbyParamount

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It was a bit nerve-racking, but I’ve prepared myself immensely for this.

Out of 44 delegates, including me, this challenge is such a great way to showcase every delegate’s passion and to voice out their beauty with a purpose. I believe that every single one of us had so much to offer, but the experience itself was wonderful and exciting!

For our today’s lunch, Thank you to #TacoKitToronto and #ElNahualTacos for providing us with lunch! It was very delicious!

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It is Day 3, and it is just about to begin. I shouldn’t be saying this, but honestly, I am feeling a bit homesick.

Normally I would be travelling with my family, and it feels odd to not have them around. I do miss my family that is for sure.

So how have I decided to make myself feel a bit more at home???

Let me give you my tips and tricks on how I have been combatting it!

Firstly, I bring my journal with me, so I can feel safer. When I begin to stress out, or I need to just tune out and find some comfort, I pull it out. For myself, if I do not have time (much like this week), I will put it in my lap at least and think about positive stuff. It sounds ridiculous honestly, but for me, this helps. It lets me feel as though the feelings I must put aside are doing so.

Secondly, I pack my favourites. I know some people can be a bit afraid of bringing something that they like on a trip because they do not want to lose it. For myself, if I have my favourite things, I feel a bit more at home and my confidence feels stronger. I can only be my best if I have my best things. For example, my perfume. I cannot go anywhere without my perfume. Also, it acts like aromatherapy for myself.

Thirdly, practice self-care. Do not skip steps in your specific routines, and do not push yourself when you know you can’t be pushed. One key thing is to take care of yourself and ensure you are at your best. So, take that time to stretch out, kick your heels off and to relax. When effort is being a constant, the moment you have downtime, release yourself from the pressure and let your body be.

The next thing is while you’re on your trip, whether it is business or a vacation, do the things that make you happy. This week I know I am going to be put up against a ton of challenges and of course, I am fighting to win, but the major thing that makes me happy is a meaningful conversation. While the women stroll up and down the halls, while the employees are doing their job, while the team is working with us, I am sure to treat everyone with respect. Having a meaningful conversation with anyone makes my world feel brighter. It can be about anything, but I have taken my opportunities to converse with as many women as I can. Of course, I am interested in what they have to say, but it also makes me feel less lonely. DO things that will make you feel at peace or fulfilled. It makes all the difference.

The girls have watched out for me and my health, and they are starting to feel like my own cousins and family. I appreciate that and enjoy that greatly. So, thank you MTC-W Inc. You have recruited some amazing women per usual, and girls who make an excellent team.

Thank you to my wonderful sisters for also being by my side. I love you all.


Lastly, stay in touch. Even if you can sneak in a good morning or good night, acknowledge the people you miss, and take a moment to appreciate them.


Also, today is Miss World Canada’s first Head-to-Head Challenge! Starting at 10:30 est on Instagram or Facebook. It will be hosted by the amazing Frankie Cena, also known as, Mr. World Canada 2012! I am pumped to meet him and to have this challenge begin. So stay tuned!

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Call time is 8 in the morning for makeup/hairstylists for our upcoming video/photoshoot later today.

The video shoot and photoshoot were incredible! I had so much fun experiencing new things and meeting wonderful people! PLUS! Every delegate was dazzling today and I can not wait to see them more this week! The photographer, Erwin, was such a great guy to work with and we handled things pretty smoothly through my photoshoot! I cannot wait to see how the photos turned out! 

Most girls finished pretty quickly through the morning and noon. For myself, I’ve finished my video/photoshoots in the early afternoon. So I have a good amount of time for myself today!

We’ve also had the opportunity to receive our lunch from #panpannoodlebar! The food is amazing and delicious that it filled me up for the rest of the day.

Lastly, We were given some goodies from MWC!!! Thank you so much, Michelle! I’ll treasure these for life!

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Hello My beautiful people! How’s it going?

So let’s get you into the meet of what has been going on since we set foot into the dome that is Miss World Canada 2020!

I flew in at the beautiful 7:30 am from Calgary, Alberta. Took off with the beautiful sunrise that shone brightly over my city. I was a bit nervous not going to lie. It is my first time flying somewhere without my family or even spending time with my family or family friends. So, flying in I was slightly filled with anxiety and I tried to distract myself by reading, but for a good hour, I was really anxious. After, I started feeling a bit more at ease. The girls whom I have been in contact with had kept me busy. Once we started reaching the Toronto area since it was my first time the first words to come out of my mouth was “WHY IS IT SO BIG!?!?”.

Calgary is a decently sized city to me, but TORONTO! oh my goodness…

MOVING ON! My beautiful cousin came to pick me up and drove me to our location, and I may or may have not stopped by to grab some Curry Goat… It is delicious I have to admit. I feel as though if you come to the Ontario area, you have to take advantage and experience the culture that is present here. Since Toronto is diverse, I wanted to take a moment to get some good food.

Once I got to the place, I waited, had a lovely conversation with a guest, and waited for the beauty queens to stroll in. One by one, they arrived, and my little golden retriever heart started thumping. From the women, I have been chatting with since February to those who I have finally gotten the chance of meeting, and even the more experienced MUC candidates. Wow, it was an absolute honour.

After a while, we got checked in and first things first… I got lucky. My roommate is the wonderful…the gorgeous, the splendid… MATTEA~ HENDERSON~! *insert audience applauding*. We got to settle in nicely, got our stuff ready for the following day. With the COVID situation, I had to throw myself into the washroom immediately because… We are hygienic people, and we have to do what will protect us best.

We did our sweet little orientation through Zoom, and got to get to know about what was going on a little bit more. But overall the day was tamed.




Early morning! 6:30 am on the dot, Mattea and I threw on the kettle and began our day! It was photoshoots, and video shoots and some beautiful make-up and hair to be done.

Honestly, it was such an interesting environment. The girls kept passing by in their groups, and I was in awe. We all got to chat a bit more, but once again, it was tamed.

I have to say thank you to the whole crew right now. To Tonos Cosmetics, you all made me feel extra beautiful today. I am very hesitant to wash my face right now, I am so happy with the results.

To Erwin, thank you so much for the photos! I can’t wait for these photos to come out. I just feel absolutely edgy, but sexy. It was fantastic.

The lovely videographer Genesis, thank you for the opportunity to record our video introductions. It was an absolute blast, and you made me feel extra comfortable with speaking in front of a camera!

Lastly, thank you to Uber eats and Pan Pan Noodles! Just ending off our day so far with some delicious food, and boy oh boy I am satisfied.

The first two days have been a success, only for the challenge to BEGIN! As troy bolton would have said. “Gotta getcha getcha getcha head in the game!”

Also, shout out to our chaperones, you all were amazing! I am having a blast, I mean besides the slight homesickness, I think I will get over it by tomorrow.

We have so much more to come, so stick around and follow us all!


Love you all <3

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The day is finally here!!! Our first day of the pageant week of Miss World Canada!


What an amazing first day!

Even though COVID has its restrictions with distancing, it wasn’t difficult to get to know every delegate. I had a fabulous time meeting everyone for the first time and meeting my Alberta girls once again! 

I have also settled into my room and I’ve organized everything. I know this week is going to be amazing! I cannot wait for tomorrow to start!

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I would like to thank my family, friends, sponsors, and those who helped donate the funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation. I greatly appreciate the support you’ve given me through my journey to Miss World Canada. 

Thank you to: 

To Joly’s Independent grocer: A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MS ANN, the manager, and owner of the store. Without your help, it wouldn’t be possible for me to raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation. 

Spotlight Couronne Internationale Inc:  To Mr. Limuel Hayag Vilela and Mr. Alvin Masangkay Francia for supporting my journey and to let me sell your Couture Embroidery Masks. Thank you so much!

Four Quest energy:  Thank you for your kind generosity in donating $100 for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Total taekwondo: Thank you for always supporting me since I’ve started taekwondo more than 5 years. Being in your class, I was able to discipline myself, strengthen myself, to have more confidence, concentration, focus, and improving my leadership skills. Especially a big thank you to Master Higdon and Ms. Glenda for teaching me every one of those things and also your $100 donation in supporting Children’s Wish Foundation. 

Maria Cecilia Namoca: My beautiful mother manager in Independent Grocer. As an employee under your supervision, I have learned many things from you and your kindness is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your endless support in my journey.

The Catangui Family: To my sweet, kind, Tita Vilma for always being the cheerleader support through everything I do. Your dedication to helping me was unimaginable! And also to Tito Russo and Inah, thanks for sticking with me through it all!

The Calubad family: Thank you Tita Michelle for your advice that leads to my best performance on stage. 

Shey Veridiano: Thank you Tita Shey for all your support and finding the supply for making washable face masks. Your endless help is appreciated.

Janaya Iverson & Bernie Iverson: Your love and support have always been there when I needed you. Thank you!

To my BEST Coach, Lisa Harrigan: Thank you so so much for dedicating your time and effort to help me prepare for the oncoming pageants. With your support, I was able to bring out the best in me. 

Derma World: For helping me nourish my skin, I am very thankful for everything you’ve done for me.

Abbey Valete: To my gown designer, thank you for bringing my design to life and creating the perfect gown.

To My Parents: The best supporters all around. You have been with me since day one and I appreciate that!!!!!! You’ve given me a reason to not give up and to be the best that I can be. All your love and support will always be with me, on or off stage. Thank you for being there.

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