Out of all the sports, hobbies, and interest, why did I choose Pageantry?

To begin with, I joined my first pageant in 2013, I was scouted by one of the directors. At first I did not like the idea of being “judged”, but last minute, after several considerations, and words of encouragement from other people, I decided to join. Not because of what they said, but because I wanted to do it for myself! I wasn’t in the best condition to do so but I still did it!

My very first pageant with my twin brothers

So why?

To boost my self esteem, self confidence and improve my public speaking. This was my starting point. It was more for personality development. Then, meeting people and to be able to call them my pageant sisters! Overtime, my self confidence boosts, as I start doing hosting of different events and judging other pageants as well, as a titleholder.

Judging for the Fantasy Attire at Dominican Republic

There were hurtful words that I have come across being in the work of pageantry. Some were, “She’s not fit to be in a beauty pageant”,”She’s not even that tall/pretty”, “You need to loose more weight that’s why you lost”. These are just some of the hurtful comments I have received since I started this path.

Yes, they were hurtful. Keyword is WERE, past tense. Did I cry when i heard those words? No. I got upset and sad, although I took those comments into something I can improve on, and that is the power of positive thinking. I wasn’t doing it for them, I was doing this for myself.

When those comments have died down, I was in the international stage representing my home country the Philippines in the Dominican Republic. There I came to realize that I was no longer doing it for myself but for those who have believed and supported me along the way. It was a way for me to give back.

Park Clean up was one of the projects I have done

There and then my urge to be of service to others and to be an instrument for humanitarian acts, have boosted. I believed that there is more to it, than just for myself or for my community. I can be of service to a bigger population and for a bigger cause. I am doing this because I know that this is the purpose that I must serve.

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