As the competition is around the corner. Here is a brief background of myself away from the pageantry world.


I graduated as a Licensed Practical Nurse. I currently work 3 jobs, all part time. I work as a Clinic Manager at a Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary. My 2nd job is also as a nurse for a long-term facility. And lastly, my other job is as a food counter attendant for a restaurant.


On too of juggling 3 jobs, I am also a member of the Calgary Westwind Lions Club (non-profit organization, motto “Together, We Serve”). As a Lions member I am also the Leo Advisor of the Next Generation Leo Club. It is the youth group of the Lions. Where we build leadership skills and teach younger generation about the importance and the fulfillment volunteerism can bring.

I am also active in our church. I was part of the choir for 6 years. I am still currently a member of the Hospitality Ministry and the Commentator Ministry.

Besides my active involvement in my Calgary and worldwide communities, I am also a member/performer and a director for Binhi ng Lahi Folk Dance Troupe. This non profit organization promotes the culture and heritage of my roots, Philippines. On top of that it teaches the youth leadership, discipline and communication skills through our practices and performances. Bonus: I also get to perform which I have done so since 2008 up until today.

I am also a model, as a hobby, for Spotlight Courone Internationale. I sincerely enjoy being on the runway, showcasing pieces of talented artists. It’s a zone where body meets art. That’s what I think about modelling. Sell the art 🙂

There also has been several occasions that I have hosted events (not paid) and I don’t ask to be paid because I just enjoy hosting and I believe it is such a great improvement for myself to do something out of my comfort zone, and that is public speaking. Although I still get nervous I very much enjoy it!


My family is quite big. I am the eldest to 1 sister and twin brothers. We also have a dog, his name is Mochi and he is a pure bred Pembroke Welsh. I was born in the Philippines and my whole family migrated to Canada back in 2005.

Our favourite family bonding is travelling! Whether it be by land, air or sea. We’ve done it! The best trip we took was driving from Calgary down to Mississippi to Chicago to Washington to New York and back up to Niagara Falls and across Winnipeg and back to Calgary. We also have done long drives to Vancouver and Las Vegas. My family has flew to South Korea, Cancun, London and Dominican Republic to name a few.

Although I would say the best place to visit would still be Banff and the Rocky Mountains. The scenery and peacefulness, the overall ambiance of the rockies, pines tries, crystal blue waters sometimes emerald, simply breath taking!

Places I have visited for the year 2018

We’ll that’s pretty much a brief summary of who I am!! I hope you enjoyed reading about me! And please follow me on my social media for updates!!!

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