How’s everyone’s start of the summer coming along? I hope it’s all going really well. This month was spent mainly about preparing for the pageant in July, finalizing some things for the pageant, my fundraising event and on top of that finalizing the designs and furniture of our new home! Here’s a few of the activities I have done for the month on June.

It started off with me judging a beauty pageant again! This time it is for the titles Mr and Ms Pilipinas (Philippines) Independence 2019! Fun fact: June 12 is the Philippines Independence Day and also the month of June was announced by the Canadian Government, officially the Filipino Heritage month!! It is truly a land of the free! I am proud to be Filipino but I am also very proud to be a Canadian!!

I was also given the privilege to co-host “Handog” (‘offering’ our culture to you) 2019, along side with a pageant sister of mine, Miss Culture Arts 2017, Dianne Razon. It is always a pleasure to host with her, and we got so many positive feedback on how well we hosted for this day. Very fulfilling to do our job right while they enjoy! We also got to do a little runway walk, along with different titleholders, the national costume of the Philippines and long gowns

Here is a modernized National Attire of the Philippines, I wore this when I was emceeing for Handog 2019

The next day, after I emceed and did a little fashion show, I and along with my cultural dance group, have performed with several government officials and guests. Fun fact: I started dancing the Filipino cultural dancing in 2008 and have been doing it ever since, up until to this day. I want to preserve and promote the richness and uniqueness of my background and origin.

Paseo de Iloilo, a courtship dance, inspired from the Spanish Era

Here are some of the youth I teach and dance with! Very fulfilling to pass on what I have already learned, and helping the youth appreciate our origins, and the art of dancing and the meaning of each dances. The dance troupe I am a part of is Binhi ng Lahi Folk Dance Troupe (the seeds of our heritage). We promote not only our heritage but also to build communication skills, leadership skills and public speaking skills among the youth. This is where I began to be more comfortable showcasing myself and my talents and I want the youth to have those skills that I have also acquired.

Binhi ng Lahi Folk Dance Troupe

The Red Tent Canadian Circus Event was back in Calgary. Every year one of the non-profit organization I belong to, which is the Calgary Westwind Lions Club volunteers as the Fire Ambassadors. We are held responsible of emergency exits and in case of a fire we have fire extinguishers with us. The bonus part we get to watch the show!! The show is very unique each year, and the people that were part of the circus puts their lives on the line for these stunts. I am also glad that they did not use or do any animal shows at this event compared to the first year I have volunteered. I am strongly against animal cruelty and encapsulate. And this is living proof that you do not need to “tame” animals in order to have an amazing and enjoyable show!! They had the ring master, that did almost like a Mission Impossible scene! They had a guy wire walking and biking!! There were so many stunts that were showcased and I’m glad no one got hurt, or at least none that I know off. And everyone, kids and adults enjoyed the show!!

Tightrope Biking at the Royal Canadian (Red Tent) Circus Show

The month of June was a very refreshing month to look at as the days are getting warmer and longer. And that also means that the competition is around the corner!! I am honestly getting nervous but also getting excited! For the first half of July is to get things prep and ready to go for the pageant! So please stay tuned for updates by me and the ladies!

PS. I would like to invite you all to come to my fundraising/send off event on July 14th at Southview Community Hall in Calgary, limited tickets will be sold at the reception for $20 with food. I hope you can join me and a few of my supporters, friends and family on this night!! See you all soon!

With much love,


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