1 more day till I fly to Toronto for the Miss World Canada 2019 competition and I can’t wait to meet all the lovely candidates from different parts of Canada!

July has been a fun month for me so far, from practicing my walks to curating my outfits for the competition as well as being able to teach young kids again in another personality development summer camp by Spotlight Courrone International wherein I got to meet the new batch of beautiful little kids and pre-teens and taught them the basics on how to walk in a runway while at the same time having fun and celebrating their inner child — showcasing their pure energy and cuteness. It felt like I learned more that day than the children, as they reminded me of how fun things can be and how doing what you love makes the learning process a lot easier.

Also, a few months back I did a fun shoot with the talented photographer Rodia and this week I got the final copies and I am so excited to share it with you guys! Here are some of the photos:

Outfits by: Curatedlyf
Styled by: Alvin Francia
Makeup by: jemuartist
Photographed by : Rodies Photography

It’s so fun to watch how everyone works together to make a single shot, it takes a lot of creativity and patience. So I am always thankful for all the photographers that works so hard capturing each photo and volunteering their own time to edit each of them.

Another exciting opportunity that happened to me this month is I got to be one of the judges in the casting call for Calgary International Fashion Week that happened last Saturday July 13. It was a little weird being the one to choose who goes in or not, as I remember I was in the same position as these aspiring models 2 years ago and I knew how nerve wracking it was. But kudos to all the models as they did well presenting themselves and congratulations to all that got in!

Calgary International Fashion Week (casting call)

I just love meeting new people by attending events like this in my community, it gives me the chance to make new friends and create new memories.

That’s all that has happened to me so far this month but don’t worry there’s still more exciting things coming your way and my way too! I’ll see you guys in Toronto for the Miss World Canada 2019 and thank you so much for all your support!

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