“Live life full of laughter and appreciation” – Z

Hello everyone, it’s already July and we’re getting closer to the day of the competition, it’s so exciting!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Zairah Mae Apolinario but you can call me “Zai” as my full name can be tough to pronounce sometimes. I am a twenty-one year old girl, living in the beautiful city of Calgary. A graduate of practical nursing. I spend most of my free time either working or volunteering in a personality development camp called “Spotlight Courone International”.

“Be the positive change you want to see in the world” – Z

I am a runway model. My career started when I auditioned for a fashion show produced by Spotlight Courone International and Limuel Villela and Alvin Francia discovered me. Since then, I have been in multiple fashion shows both here in Canada and in New York. I always feel humbled walking for designers and wearing their creations, especially when there are special causes behind it. Such as recently during the Canadian Asian Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to wear a piece that was created by Michelle Taras which was auctioned and the money raised was donated to the Sick Kids Foundation. In addition, walking in the runway allowed me to express myself and develop my self-confidence. My biggest achievement thus far in this aspect is the chance to walk in the New York Fashion Week for the Hollywood celebrity designer RC Caylan.

I also volunteer as a mentor to young children and teenagers in a personality development camp. I love sharing my experiences and knowledge to them. Teaching them the basics of modelling in terms of walking, posture and stance. But most importantly, the lesson about developing their own self-confidence. It is a proud moment for me to see them start from nothing, getting frustrated but learning to overcome that. I love seeing them outgrow their own insecurities and witness them shine in their own beautiful way. I feel proud and content.

At twenty one years of age, I am still at that point in my life where I try to figure out what I am supposed to be or be doing. Always having that voice at the back of my head telling me that I’m either “too young to do that..” or “too old to do that..” but living life everyday I have come to realize, it’s not about what you’re supposed to do, rather who you are doing it for, which is yourself. Wake up everyday spreading positivity and happiness, try to make a difference not just for yourself but also for others. Life is compiled of fears and that’s okay, fear is a great teacher–it allows us to discover more about ourselves.



Written by: Zairah
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