Good Day to all! I am the reigning Miss NorthWest Calgary World 2019. 25 years old from Calgary. I was born in the Philippines and have migrated to Canada at the age of 11. I have joined my 1st pageant in 2013. I have competed in a couple of competitions locally (Calgary), in Montreal and in the Dominican Republic.

The first reason why I started joining pageants was because I wanted to gain self confidence and improve my self esteem. As I started to compete on other pageants it became more meaningful, because pageants are not just about for ourselves that compete in it, but also for other causes, such as helping the youth, the elderly and the less fortunate, in many different aspects in life.

The main reason I decided to join Ms. World Canada was because being of service to others is very close to my heart and what my family practices in, and Miss World’s main causes are for humanitarian services/acts. I want to be able to broaden my community service across the world.

Please stay tuned for more my fellow candidates’ journeys and support our causes. I really hope to snatch one of the titles this coming July!

Talk to you guys again really soon!

Vida V.

Written by: Vida Valerie Vispo
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