I am honored to be Miss. SouthWest Edmonton and represent the province of Alberta at the national stage in Toronto. I joined the world of pageantry last year when I competed in my very first pageant which was the Heart of Heritage Foundation’s Miss. Alberta pageant. I won the title of Miss. Alberta 1st Runner-Up which was a very proud moment for me as my rehearsing and hard work paid off. The skills I gained during the pageant included refined public speaking, effective communication, poise, posture, and grace, which are transferable skills that have helped me in the realms of employment and volunteerism. My favorite part of the pageant was performing a free verse poem that I wrote myself for the talent portion. I enjoyed making my written work come alive and I also appreciated the audience’s warm response to my work. My work was recognized which was a very special moment for me.

Education & Platform

I am a student at the University of Alberta and I am majoring in Women and Gender Studies and I am minoring in Political Science. I chose these areas of study because I am passionate about social issues such as gender pay equity, women in politics, governance and policy affecting Indigenous groups, and immigration. My platform for Miss World Canada is women empowerment. I would like to support the advancement of women in areas of employment by equipping them with language skills. Currently, I am the Vice President (VP) of French at SVCC which is a language discussion group at the University of Alberta. As VP French, I encourage women and others to facilitate French discussion sessions and I also encourage individuals to join these sessions in order to gain fluency in French. Participants learning French benefit from these sessions as they are able to acquire leadership positions in the realms of employment or volunteerism. Using my platform, I would like to create this opportunity at various universities across Canada so individuals can gain fluency in both the official languages of Canada, English, and French.

Pageant Judge Experience

I was given the opportunity to judge the All Canadian Mid-Western pageant in Red Deer, Alberta in May 2019. I was amazed by the talented young girls who presented their dancing and singing talents. I could really see the passion in their eyes as they presented. They had perfected their walk, poise, and posture which fueled their confidence on-stage. Preparation is the best way to make sure that one is super confident on stage. It was very interesting to be a judge instead of a competitor as I realized judges are not as intimidating as they may seem. Judges are simply there to assess and appreciate the unique talent that each individual contestant brings to the table.

Wonderful pageant girls who are also serving as judges!

Fashion Show for Cancer Research Awareness

I am honored to have walked for Shabad’s Attire at the Namastey India event which was done in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. I modeled traditional Indian apparel which can be worn at an evening reception party. I had such a great time practicing posing and walking which was done for a charitable cause.

Modeling Shabad’s Attire

Thank you to my Sponsors!

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Skincare Sponsor: La Bello Aesthetics

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My gorgeous stylist and co-ordinator Mileydi Christancho on the right & the beautiful La Bello Aesthetics CEO Faye Sales

Thank you for reading my first blog post. Please stay tuned for my second blog post which will describe my work in the areas of volunteerism and community service which are my biggest passions as well my preparation for Miss. World Canada. For now, please click the following link to donate to my fundraiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation: The Children’s Wish Foundation grants wishes of children who have life-threatening illnesses. Together, we can make the wishes of these children to come to life!

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